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Big Bud Organic by Advanced Nutrients is the new flowering enhancer produced entirely from natural ingredients. It guarantees a vigorous growth of the plants' flowers thanks to its formula rich in 100% organic phosphorus and potassium.


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Big Bud Organic Flowering Enhancer 

The natural fertilizer Big Bud Organic by Advanced Nutrients is the best way to boost the flowering phase in a fully organic way. The flowering phase is when nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus are most important. Applying Big Bud Organic will provide a high quality source of nutrients designed to cover all the needs of the flowering stage.

Today, more and more growers are concerned about the environment and the way nutrients are produced. In this way, in order to save costs, chemical fertilizers often obtain the nutrients from laboratory-produced or low quality food sources. Only by applying products such as Big Bud Organic you be providing all the nutrients from a natural source of the highest quality.

With the Big Bud Organic fertilizer the buds will be blooming up like never before and the distribution of the weight of the flowers will be as natural as possible, because the plant's structure is not affected. The flower's weight will be increased, but also the quantity, so very larger yields have to be expected.

All this is achieved thanks to its formula based on organic phosphorus and potassium obtained from the best possible natural sources. The decomposition of organic raw materials is the basis for the phosphorus and potassium that the plant needs. In addition, Big Bud Organic provides extra energy for the plants, thanks to the Citrate and the combination of essential plant nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium and Iron, which will also favour larger buds.

Another great feature of the Big Bud Organic fertilizer is its ability to increase the soil porosity, which improves the drainage and prevents possible soil diseases. This is due to the fact that the formula of this fertilizer contains all the necessary microorganisms for the substrate oxygenation, and this is great for a better blooming. 

It is possible to use Big Bud Organic in different growing media. In this way, it is compatible with hydroponics, peat, rock wool, aeroponics, soil... Big Bud Organic does not affect the flavour, as it is certified 100% organic by IOM, so the organoleptic properties of the plants will not be modified.

Dosage and how to use Big Bud Organic

Big Bud Organic comes in a 1 litre container.

The Big Bud Organic booster is recommended to be applied on the second, third and fourth week of the flowering phase.

The optimum ratio is 2 ml of Big Bud Organic to each litre of water.

Big Bud Organic Components

Nitrogen (N): 1.0%

Phosphate: 2.0%

Soluble (K2O): 5.0%

Calcium (Ca): 1.5%

Magnesium (Mg): 0.6%

Sulphur (S): 2.3%

Iron (Fe): 0.15%