Sweet Seeds

Marijuana seedbank Sweet Seeds comes from the Valencian community, in Spain, it produces sweet feminized and autoflowering strains. Now also for their tenth anniversary they give free seeds. Go to the following links to see all their seeds.

Learn more about this Valencian Marijuana Seed Bank  (in spanish) in this link.

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Sweet Seeds Seed Bank

Sweet Seeds is a premier seed bank that has built a reputation for maintaining a high standard in selecting mother plants, thanks to an extended period of partnering with cannabis growers. Fast Version marijuana strains are some of the creations of this seed bank. 

In this piece, you will find some important milestones in the history of Sweet Seeds, as well as some of their most notable creations over the years.

History of Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds is a Spanish cannabis seed bank founded in 2005 and based in Valencia. The seed bank has been dedicated exclusively to the production of female seeds. Sweet Seeds made its debut in the cannabis community with three feminized varieties, Sweet Tai, Black Jack, and Sweet Afgani Delicious S1 (SAD-S1). 

Little over a year after its creation, thousands of cannabis growers had tested and confirmed the very high percentage of females from Sweet Seeds, reaching around 99.9%. The seed bank has also been praised for the high-quality of their genetics, as well as the flavours, aromas, and chemotypic qualities of their varieties.

On creation, Sweet Seeds had only three varieties in its catalogue. While the collection may seem limited for a seed bank, they were selected after a lot of work in genetics selection and development. At the end of the rigorous selection criteria, Sweet Seeds selected three strains leaving the other unfinished varieties in the inkwell. The seed bank proceeded to obtain the approval for Sweet Seeds, then made its way into the market.

Not long after, the Sweet Seeds expanded its catalogue, adding four new varieties in 2007: Flash Back, Cream Caramel, Psicodelicia, and Ice Cool. In the next year and a half, the research and development department of Sweet Seeds has put in immense work to be able to present these four new varieties to growers and users across the globe. Three of these four varieties have predominant sativa genetics. This makes them make them ideal seeds for the cannabis grower who wants to fill his indoor with feminised and mainly sativa genetics. 

These new varieties are high-producing plants with relatively short flowering times of around 9 weeks. The non-sativa variety, Cream Caramel is a real Molotov cocktail of powerful indicas. Cream Caramel was created from a real experiment in cannabis breeding.

Following the successes of the new seed varieties, Sweet Seeds expanded its catalogue to include numerous auto-flowering seeds and feminised plants. Some of the new introductions were developed from the original genetics that existed in the genetics development laboratory of the seed bank.

The progress of this seed bank did not stop it from venturing into the creation of Fast Version varieties. These varieties grow faster and can be harvested two or three weeks earlier than usual. Through cross-breeding, Sweet Seeds has managed to reduce the flowering times of many genetics without losing any of its qualities.

Best Varieties of Sweet Seeds

For over a decade and a half, Sweet Seeds have been dedicated to offering some of the best marijuana strains. The automatic and feminised seeds offered by this seed bank has grown to become some of the favourites of marijuana growers and seed collectors across the world.

In talking about Sweet Seeds, it is befitting, to begin with, the feminised Sweet Afghani Delicious (SAD) seed strain. Owing to its exceptional qualities, it is one of the most awarded strains from Sweet Seeds. SAD seeds produce plants with high resistance to pests and fungi while having active cannabinoids and good yields. In its developments, Sweet Seeds self-pollinated the prized Black Domina strain, another undisputed classic from Sweet Seeds'.

The list would not be complete without the feminized strain Green Poison, one of the most popular and most collected seeds from this bank. Green Poison is a balanced, high-yielding, hybrid strain with sweet and delicious organoleptic properties. This strain is remarkably popular in Holland, where it is legal to grow controlled Cannabis, for its fast flowering, pest-resistance, and high effects. 

While continually pleasing consumers with its classics, Sweet Seeds still surprises enthusiasts with new varieties with improved qualities. The American Red Strawberry Banana Auto variety is a good example. This strain was created from the genetic combination of some of the best strains from the USA, so the resin and sweet aroma are guaranteed.

Recent genetic works from Sweet Seeds has led to the development of seeds with high CBD content. Cream Caramel CBD is an example with all the physical benefits of cannabidiol. This strain maintains all the magnificent characteristics of the parental Cream Caramel, but with all the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol.

For over 15 years, Sweet Seeds has maintained a history of offering excellent products, earning them the title of one of the most reputable banks in the world. They are also experts in genetics preservation, as well as improving them by obtaining new varieties that adapt to the demands of collectors of all kinds.

In addition, Sweet Seeds stands out in the packaging of its products. All the seeds of this seed bank have their original and airtight packaging to ensure that the properties of the seeds are maintained correctly. A trip to Experiencia Natural will get you some of the best strains from Sweet Seed at the best price and with all the guarantees.