Fast Buds

Autoflowering marijuana seed bank Fast Buds, specialized for years in providing high quality strains for cannabis enthusiasts. Access all the seeds of this seedbank in the following link or continue reading to know more.

In this catalog you can find strains for all kinds of needs, different sizes, flavors, smells, colors and effects. Discover the autoflowering seeds of Fast Buds seedbank.

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Fast Buds Seed Bank

Fast Buds is a Spanish Cannabis seed bank with American origins, which specialises in obtaining the fastest auto-flowering strains for enthusiasts. One particularly defining aspect of this seed bank's work is its focus on American strains. Fast Buds is most well-known for its American DNA genetics, with fast flowering and spectacular organoleptic properties. The following explores key points in the company’s history, their working methods and some of their most common and popular seed strains.

History and philosophy of Fast Buds

Fast Buds is a relatively new seed bank, having been established in 2010 when a group of marijuana seed experts from California decided to band together and found a company in Spain. Their multidisciplinary team is made up of some of the best American breeders, who strive to obtain the best fast-flowering genetics.

Once settled Spain, a country where they were allowed to operate to their full extent, they were able to focus on selecting and stabilizing the best seed specimens brought over from the United States. The Fast Buds team focused their efforts on making auto-flowering versions of the seed varieties in their warehouse to best satisfy market demand. Their focus on breeding only auto-flowering strains is inspired by the simplicity and short growing cycles characteristic of these strains.

The auto-flowering strains produced by Fast Buds breeders truly stand out against the feminized strains of other banks, which is a key driving force of the company’s philosophy. The Fast Buds team offers auto-flowering seeds with high capacity of developing psychoactive properties, abundant yields, exquisite organoleptic properties and considerable resistance. This is the reason why many collectors opt for auto-flowering seeds from this bank.

Fast Buds have created a new standard of quality in the world of auto-flowering seeds. Traditionally, these seeds have had yields vastly different to those available today, especially with regard to Fast Buds strains. As one of the most competitive sectors within the seed industry, the auto-flowering seed market is in constant development, with Fast buds leading at the forefront.

Fast Buds’ auto-flowering seeds use far less of the Ruderalis subgenus than that used by other seedbanks in automatic seed production. This is because in many cases the Ruderalis variety is not usually desirable for seed genetics, as they have different characteristics to the Indica and Sativa subgenera.

Throughout its more than 10 years of business, the Fast Buds team has worked hard to create and improve the best auto-flowering seeds with American DNA. Their hard work has resulted in cannabis strains that have been able to compete in some of the most prestigious cannabis competitions in the world, with several of its strains having won trophies at an international level.

The main objective of the Fast Buds seed bank is to make high quality auto-flowering marijuana strains available to everyone of legal age, offering combinations with some the best classic varieties in the world.

Top Fast Buds strains

First and foremost are their Crystal Meth feminised automatic seeds. This variety originates in Mexico and is the result of combining such popular varieties as Early Skunk, Mexican, Thai, Tranwreck and a small percentage of Ruderalis. This is a testament to the good work of selection and genetic combination carried out by the Fast Buds team.

Girl Scout Cookies is another of these special Fast Buds genetics. A very popular strain on the Californian legal marijuana circuit, is a favourite of West Coast rappers, because it is a very aromatic strain and a direct descendant of the purest Californian cannabis. It is the product of a cross between West Coast OG, Durban Poison, menthol varieties and a slight touch of Ruderalis to improve flowering speed.

Another outstanding seed in the Fast Buds catalogue is Gorilla Glue Auto. This is a very resinous specimen and one of the more potent auto-flowering varieties, containing THC concentrations of 24%. It is a strain that perfectly describes the Fast Buds seed archetype: of American origin, potent and with super-fast flowering.

Finally, LSD 25 is one of Fast Buds' most legendary strains. In fact, Fast Buds has reserved the right to patent its genetics in order to avoid plagiarism of this strain by other seed banks. A particularly psychoactive strain belonging to the Diesel family, it has highly valued organoleptic properties.