List of products by Seedbank Fast Buds

Autoflowering marijuana seedbank Fast Buds, specialized for years in providing high quality strains for cannabis enthusiasts. Access all the seeds of this seedbank in the following link or continue reading to know more.

In this catalog you can find strains for all kinds of needs, different sizes, flavors, smells, colors and effects. Discover the autoflowering seeds of Fast Buds seedbank.

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Fast Buds Seedbank Strains

Fast Buds seedbank main objective is to make accessible to all over the world  high quality autoflowering marijuana strains. Offering crosses with the best classic strains, as well with the new America trends. Fast Buds' commitment to raising only autoflowering varieties is due to the simplicity they provide and their short growing cycle.

Fast Buds seedbank contributed to grew the interest for autoflowering plants among the public, since its trajectory is long and successful in this field. All its varieties besides being autoflowering, also are feminized.

Fast Buds seedbank has a large legion of followers in the United States and more countries on the planet, who have hailed genetics like Crystal Meth or LSD 25, or later Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue Auto and Stardawg. Cannabis strains well known and highlighted by breeders of all tastes.

The main autoflowering line used by Fast Buds bank to create its strains is Ruderalis, although the percentage of this genetics is minimal in comparison with the other strains used to get the crosses. Developing always high quality auto varieties.