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Buddha Seeds | Manufacturer of Cannabis seeds, this was one of the first banks to be established in Spain.

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Buddha Seeds seedbank

Buddha Seeds is a Spanish of marijuana seedbank created in 2005 that is dedicated fundamentally to find and develop the great autoflowering seeds, even though it also has in its catalogue excellent feminized strains with unique characteristics.

The creator of Buddha Seeds began very soon in marijuana breeding, opening his own growing facility in the area of Valencia. A few years later, with the help of some friends, he created his first autoflowering strain, which he called White Dwarf.

Buddha Seeds model stands out for the time it takes to improve and bring out new strains. Each one of them has a long time of research behind them, always giving priority to genetic quality over the quantity of strains they put on the market.

Among the strains offered by its catalogue, one of the most outstanding is, without a doubt, Deimos. This is because this strain marked a before and after in the auto flowering market, since it was the first to reach the mark of 200 grams per plant, when all the others available on the market at that time did not usually exceed 50 grams.

But we have no hesitation in stating that the most famous strain in this bank is the Magnum. With production and full power is one of the best-sellers of this bank, a strain that never goes out of fashion and will always surprise everyone who grows it.

For the reasons mentioned here we believe that Buddha Seeds is one of the banks you will have to try!