Marijuana of flavors

You've come to the right place to find marijuana of flavors. As you know, the Cannabis plant is a specimen that can harbor a wide range of different flavors being a wonder for the pituitary gland and palate. For several growers the taste of marijuana is the most important feature when choosing a strain to grow. In fact, the flavor matters a lot!

The marihuana of flavors comes from different autochthonous specimens collected worldwide. Indeed, the research on terpenes and breeding of new species obtained by crosses can reinforce these flavors and aromas or even highlight new ones. A quest looking to identificate and enhance new Cannabis flavors is a trend now.

The organoleptic properties offer a very wide variety of flavors, the most common flavor given by marijuana plants are cítric, fruity, mentholated, earthy, incensed as well as many others delicious tastes and smells, some complexes that only expert tasters can identify. Are you one of them? Keep going down to find out all flavors of marijuana strains that we have available for you. 


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