Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds seedbank is one of the most traditional manufacturers, famous since decades in the Cannabis seeds world, all its varieties of seeds have been awarded in the HTTC.

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Serious Seeds Seedbank

Serious Seeds is a Dutch seed bank with a rich history. Thanks to this seed bank, we have such mythical seed varieties such as AK 47 and Chronic, and due to its exhaustive work in genetic selection and seed conservation, we can now enjoy many of the company’s current and previous best strains. Below, we will provide the most important historical data of this seed bank, as well as a selection of the best varieties of this bank.

History and philosophy of Serious Seeds

This seed bank’s history begins with its creator, Simon, who is to thank for the entire development and production of the company. Simon studied biology at the University of Amsterdam, which gave him the practical knowledge to apply in the field of botany and seed breeding. At that time, Simon didn’t consume marijuana, nor did he have any particular interest in the plant. 

However, after studying biology, Simon decided to take a trip to South Africa where, due to its climatic conditions, cannabis plants thrive well. It was during this trip that Serious Seeds’ founder first discovered and fell in love with marijuana seeds. During this same trip, Simon discovered the beneficial effects that marijuana had to offer, and so began to focus his studies and professional life on seed cultivation.

As with many visionary founders of influential seed banks, Simon began to collect seed genetics from all over the world. With these strains, he would begin to build one of the largest, most extensive, and most pampered cannabis gene pools. This seed stock would soon establish a foundation for the Serious Seeds catalogue, one of the most extensive and prominent of its kind, with Simon at the helm of a multidisciplinary team of experts in various branches of botany and genetics.

Simon was given the opportunity of a lifetime when another cannabis visionary, Alan Dronkers, suggested he work with him on his Sensi Seeds project, another giant of collector seeds. Through his time at Sensi Seeds, Simon was able to broaden his knowledge of the marijuana and seed breeding, enabling him to establish his seed bank with the help of two friends in the early 90s. Shortly after, in 1994, Simon would win two Cannabis Champion Cups for his AK 47 and Chronic strains, resulting in a meteoric rise in popularity.

A year later, in 1995, Simon decided to give greater shape to his project and decided to found what we now know as the Serious Seeds seed bank. The name of this seed bank is synonymous with quality genetics. There is exhaustive genetic work behind each variety of Serious Seeds, which makes it one of the most meticulous banks when it comes to presenting new seeds.

At the same time, Serious Seeds are experts in packaging and preservation. Their original packaging ensures the properties of their strains remain intact. In addition, in the selection process of the seeds, those specimens with the worst characteristics are rejected and only those that meet Serious Seeds’ quality standards are put on sale.

Best varieties of Serious Seeds

Next, we will explore some of Serious Seeds’ best products. The seed bank’s feminized and automatic varieties particularly stand out among their vast catalogue, with qualities adapted to collectors of all kinds.

First of all, the AK 47 variety is more than worth a mention. This is one of the undisputed classics of cannabis seeds thanks to its title as champion in many cannabis competitions, such as the High Times Cannabis Cup. This feminized seed was originally obtained from a quadruple cross of strains from areas close to the equator, such as Colombia, Mexico, Afghanistan, and Thailand. This is a very hardy seed with very active cannabinoids, making it favorite of many cannabis enthusiasts.

The Chronic feminized strain is another a favorite for fans of super-productive strains. This is one of the seed bank’s most Indica-dominant seeds, and has received a wide array of since it was first introduced in the 90s.

The pure Sativa seed Kali Mist is another of Serious Seeds' flagship products. This is a particularly special strain, collected by enthusiasts all over the world. Kali Mist is possibly the most popular pure Sativa strain thanks to its impressive growth and uplifting effects. As such, this strain has managed to bag no less than 10 awards in different international cannabis competitions, a testament to its sheer quality.

For these reasons, the Serious Seeds seed bank stands as one of the greatest institutions in the marijuana seed market. It owes its fame and success to its rich history, alongside its wide catalogue of varieties with unique characteristics that arouse the interest of the global seed collector community.

Serious Seeds also owes their reputation in part to their extensive research and production processes. Their packaging and preservation methods respect all of the industry quality standards and are designed to ensure that the consumer receives the product with all its properties intact. At Experiencia Natural, you can find some of Serious Seeds’ flagship varieties at the best price and with all the quality guarantees that come with their products.