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The marijuana seed bank Sensi Seeds was the first to establish, possessing the most primitive genetics. Buy the originals, from Holland to the whole world.

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Sensi Seeds was the first seed bank in the world, in addition they are possessors of enormous quantities of Cannabis Cups and similar events in multitude of places. In the seed bank of Ben Dronkers, its creator (although collecting the legacy of others), have since the 80's treasuring the best genetics, without losing an iota of their quality, over decades.

What to emphasize of the seed bank Sensi Seeds when they take several decades of work is a complex task, it is for that reason that we are going to emphasize only a few strains of this alive history of the world of the Cannabis.

To live the original experience we recommend the seeds of marijuana Sensi Seeds regular, although also they have available their varieties in feminized format and some of them also femiinizadas autoflowering. The links below are for feminized versions, you can use the menu or our search engine to access the other versions.

Jack Herer, we could not start without highlighting a legend of Cannabis, the well-known activist collaborated with the seed bank Sensi Seeds and fruit of it arose the fifth essence of the marijuana strains, a perfect plant mirases from the point of view that you looked at it. Obviously this marvel had to bear the name of its creator and belong to Sensi Seeds.

Doing a jump to the past we are going to speak of another variety of this bank that also supposed the perfection, although many years ago. That strain of Sensi Seeds is the Super Skunk, a plant that surprised everyone for many years by its reliability and production in a small space and in a short period of time. Today it is still very much in use as a safe option.

And who else could dominate the two wildest beasts in the world of marijuana? the bank Sensi Seeds undoubtedly. With Northern Lights #5 x Haze was achieved a milestone in the breeding of Cannabis, get to combine the forces of the best Indica with the best Sativa, making an indisputable hybrid with the best of them.

The Sensi Seeds bank is characterized by having some of the best classic varieties in history, a commitment to timeless quality that rarely gives us new surprises, now you can be part of the selection process of new Sensi Seeds strains with its Sensi Research program that we bring you in the form of autoflowering and feminized.