Barney's Farm

Cannabis seed bank Barney's Farm, originated in Holland, meet the real rulers of the last 30 years cannabis cups. Thay have more awards than any other seedbank in the world.

We have an article about this Dutch Cannabis Seed Bank (in spanish) Find more about Barney's Farm.

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Barney's Farm SeedBank

Without a doubt the most awarded marijuana seedbank in recent years, Barney's Farm has completely dominated the most famous cannabis competitions, such as the HTCC Cannabis Cup, with its incredible strains! Now they are all here available for you.

Barney's Farm History

To understand the history of this seed bank we have to travel back to the 1980s. During this year, its creator, the cannabis visionary Derry, decided to settle in the Himalayas in order to identify and analyse the Cannabis landraces of the area. In this way, Derry would classify the best seeds he could find according to phenotype, organoleptic properties or power, among other characteristics.

After getting a good reserve of stabilized strains, Derry returned to Amsterdam to continue his work breeding those varieties, in order to find the perfect Cannabis strain, the one that could produce a lot of buds, need little care and be very powerful. In short, everything a grower could demand from a Cannabis seed.

The Barney's Farm seed bank and its founder pioneered new strains from properly harvested seeds in East and West Asia. It was precisely because of this work that Barney's Farm had one of the best foundations for a successful coffeeshop and one of the most famous seed banks in history.

Barney's Farm best varieties

The Barney's Farm seedbank began its award journey at the 2001 Cannabis Cup where they won the cup with the Sweet Tooth strain, standing out mainly for its sweet and fruity flavor, something new at that time and that opened the doors of the marijuana seedbanks Olympus. With world-wide recognition obtained, they know what they have to do, just continue for the good way, and that is what they did.

In the following years Barney's seedbank achieved a sucession of awards, being the following year when they win the cup again with Morning Glory, a strain very appreciated by connossieurs to use during the day, with other great qualities that you can see in its detailed page. The great success of this variety depends, in part, on the excellent quality of its genetics. Thus, the Morning Glory comes from a triple cross of an Afghani Indica from the Barneys Farm private reserve, with a Hawaiian Sativa, also belonging to this reserve, and with a spectacular Skunk #1.

In 2007 they achieved another victory with the G13 Haze strain, a hybrid that verges on perfection, combining in a single plant the best of both worlds, the world of the Indica and the world of the Sativa. To make it easier to understand, Barney's Farm combined the G13 of Indian characteristics, with Haze, which is one of the most appreciated Sativa queens. The result is their G13 Haze multi awarded strain, capable to deliver a lot of THC, a sweet taste, and balanced psychoactive effects, both uplifting and relaxing.

2010 was the year of the Tangerine Dream weed, again the organoleptic properties of this new specimen surprised the jury of the Cannabis Cup, which ended up awarding the prize to this strain that took citrus flavors to a new level, the mandarin level. Another feature that made Tangerine Dream a winner is its deep brain and uplifting psychoactive effects.

In 2011, Liberty Haze was the winner, a Barney's Farm strain that is mainly Sativa, with overwhelming power and surprising fast flowering. Thanks to this plant, Sativa harvests can be made almost as fast as if they were Indica. This is another of Barney's Farm's strains that brings together the best of the two sub-genres of Cannabis: Indicas and Sativas. All of this is accompanied by very colourful colourations and excellent yields.

Finally, in the last year that the competition happened globally and annually, 2014, Barney's Farm's Cookies Kush was again a winner with a revolutionary taste that put the whole jury back together to award one more prize to Barney's Farm. These are state-of-the-art seeds with special characteristics such as their sweet biscuit taste, which they obtain by crossing an OG Kush with a Girl Scout Cookies. An easy to grow strain, very sweet, powerful and resistant.

Barney's Farm seedbank has many other awards in the Cannabis Cup and other Cannabis Cups around the world, although this listing here gathers only the most important ones. From 2015 the Cannabis Cup ceased to be held only in Amsterdam and became several annual competitions in different cities, so the prizes have multiplied, perhaps subtracting something of value to the following not being a "yearly world competition".

In short, at Barney's Farm we can find one of the most extensive catalogues of Cannabis seeds ever. This has been achieved thanks to over 40 years of research, identification and genetic combination to obtain the perfect strains, those with the characteristics that every collector is looking for: production, power, stability and organoleptic properties. Barney's Farm was at the forefront of obtaining new strains in the 1980s and today continues to delight growers around the world with bestseller revisions of its old strains and new top quality ones.