List of products by Seedbank Barney's Farm

Cannabis seed bank Barney's Farm, originated in Holland, meet the real rulers of the last 30 years cannabis cups. Thay have more awards than any other seedbank in the world.

We have an article about this Dutch Cannabis Seed Bank (in spanish) Find more about Barney's Farm.

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Barney's Farm SeedBank

Without a doubt the most awarded marijuana seedbank in recent years, Barney's Farm has completely dominated the most famous cannabis competitions, such as the Cannabis Cup, with its incredible strains! and now they are all here available for you.

The Barney's Farm seedbank began its award journey at the 2001 Cannabis Cup where they won the cup with the Sweet Tooth strain, standing out mainly for its sweet and fruity flavor, something new at that time and that opened the doors of the marijuana seedbanks Olympus. With world-wide recognition obtained, they know what they have to do, just continue for the good way, and that is what they did.

In the following years Barney's seedbank achieved a sucession of awards, being the following year when they win the cup again with Morning Glory, a strain very appreciated by connossieurs to use during the day, with other great qualities that you can see in its detailed page.

In 2007 they achieved another victory with the G13 Haze strain, a hybrid that verges on perfection, combining in a single plant the best of both worlds, the world of the Indica and the world of the Sativa.

2010 was the year of the Tangerine Dream weed, again the organoleptic properties of this new specimen surprised the jury of the Cannabis Cup, which ended up awarding the prize to this strain that took citrus flavors to a new level, the mandarin level.

In 2011, Liberty Haze was the winner, a Barney's Farm strain that is mainly Sativa, with overwhelming power and surprising fast flowering. Thanks to this plant, Sativa harvests can be made almost as fast as if they were Indica.

Finally in the last year that the competition happened globally and annually, 2014, Barney's Farm's Cookies Kush was again a winner with a revolutionary taste that put the whole jury back together to award one more prize to Barney's Farm.

Barney's Farm seedbank has many other awards in the Cannabis Cup and other Cannabis Cups around the world, although this listing here gathers only the most important ones. From 2015 the Cannabis Cup ceased to be held only in Amsterdam and became several annual competitions in different cities, so the prizes have multiplied, perhaps subtracting something of value to the following not being an "yearly world competition".