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Morning Glory is a hybrid sativa dominant Marijuana strain. It provides a potent and durable cerebral effect. After 10 weeks of flowering it will yield ver resinous buds.


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Feminized Morning Glory Marijuana Seeds

Morning Glory is a feminized Marijuana strain from Barney's Farm. This seedbank aimed to developed a fantastic strain through a very careful genetic selection process favoring the productivity, fast flowering period and great cerebral effect.

This meticulous selection process has resulted in a hybrid sativa dominant plant with a mixture of Hawaiian, Afghan and Skunk genetics. Morning Glory can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. In the inside this strain reaches heights of 75 or 85 cm developing few lateral branches but in the garden its growth is increased being able to reach 2 meters high.

It has an moderate productivity, with yields that can reach 450g per square meter indoors in optimal environmental conditions. It is ready to harvest in a quite fast flowering period for a sativa of around 10 weeks. In the outside the buds can be collected between late September and early October. By then, these buds will be covered already by a thick layer of resin.

Since Morning Glory has a high level of THC of 20%, it offers a very potent and durable effect, even for regular smokers. Nonetheless, this high will not leavy sleepy or levered on the couch: on the contrary, it is extremely energetic. It will hit directly the brain with a mix of psychedlia and happiness able to boost the creativity, thoughts and sexual desire. The body will also be hit by an energetic boost. Hence, this strain is perfect to start the day with a great encouragement or to smoke it surrounded by friends.

It has a sour and a citric taste mixed with spices, sandalwood and earthy touches and a chemical aftertaste. In the wide range of perfumes, Morning Glory has a pine, a pepper and a hash aroma. However, the smoke is very smooth with delicate notes of white pepper and almonds.

The quality of Morning Glory was awarded in 2002 at the High Times Marijuana Cup.

Features of Morning Glory Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: hybrid

THC: 20% CBD: 0.9%

Genetics: Afghani x Hawaiiana x Skunk

Flowering: 65 to 75 days

Crop: early October