Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion Cannabis seed bank, is a pioneer in the development of feminized seeds. One of the first and best seedbanks.

You can get nmore information about the pioneers in feminizing cannabis seeds (in spanish) Learn more about Dutch Passion.

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Dutch Passion SeedBank

Dutch Passion is one of the oldest established seedbanks renowned for its quality seeds. Over the last 30 years of Dutch Passion has specialized in developing, improving, producing, and distributing Cannabis seeds for collectors all over the world.

In the 1990s, Dutch Passion pioneered the development of feminised cannabis seeds. Currently, the company has specialized auto-flowering teams in Europe, Russia, South America, and Canada. Below are the highlights of Dutch Passion's history, along with a selection of their most popular seeds.

The Dutch Passion Seedbank was founded in 1987 in the Netherlands. I’s activities date back to 1972 when its founder Henk Van Dalen first started studying and growing cannabis seeds. During this time, Henk who was a Biology student at the University of Amsterdam was able to apply a lot of his acquired knowledge to the field of obtaining stable Cannabis seeds. 

Henk was also trained in pharmacology and had an inclination to the popularisation of psychoactive effects. He would implement all this in his way of working until he became one of the most experienced pioneers of marijuana cultivation in Holland.

Henk began to obtain exotic varieties of seeds from countries such as Thailand and Nigeria, which he began to combine with seeds from his cellar to obtain seeds with unique characteristics. This is where Henk's importance in the history of self-cultivation lies.

One of the biggest milestones in the history of Dutch Passion happened in the 90s when Dutch Passion pioneered the development of feminised cannabis seeds. At that time, the self-cultivation of cannabis was a common practice in the Netherlands. Dutch Passion took the practice up a notch by introducing feminised Cannabis seeds for the novice enthusiast, eliminating the work involved in sexing the plants.

The combined efforts of Dutch Passion and other seedbanks that caught up with the trend gave self-sufficiency to the Cannabis grower in the Netherlands. Dutch Passion was able to source feminised seeds with a margin of error of 1%, which guaranteed Dutch growers homogeneous sinsemilla Cannabis crops while eliminating the risk of pollination in the grow room.

Henk noticed that towards the end of cultivation, female marijuana plants could produce male flowers if left long enough. However, the resulting pollens on these plants were female. After this, Dutch Passion began collecting female pollens to pollinate other female plants, and Henk would get one of the first feminised seeds ever registered.

Best Dutch Passion Strains

Dutch Passion has one of the most extensive catalogs due to its long history in the industry. The first variety obtained by the Dutch Passion team was Passion #1, formerly known as Amstel Gold. This variety was introduced in the '80s and comes directly from Henk's research in the field of Californian Indicas. This old school strain was one of the big hits among Dutch legal Cannabis growers at the time.

Unquestionably, one of Dutch Passion's most important landmark strains is the feminised Blueberry variety. This legendary blue blue-tinted strain from the ‘80s is one of the first strains to record a distinct blueberry flavour. Its potency and other qualities earned it the Cannabis Cup winner. 

Today, Dutch Passion still maintains the innovative spirit it started with by using the latest technology in the breeding of new seeds. In addition, Dutch Passion products undergo stringent quality control tests to ensure that the packaging is correct and the seeds reach collectors with all their properties intact.