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The Auto Mimosa Punch autoflowering strain brings together the most sought after genetics in a new and amazing variety. Great capacity to generate high potency and production, also terpenes with complex and intense aroma.


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Auto Mimosa Punch autoflowering seeds

The Dutch Passion seed bank presents the Auto Mimosa Punch, a variety of the best pedigree, with the seal of quality of one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. The Auto Mimosa Punch is a strain that comes from the cross between the top strains of recent years, Mimosa (Clementine X Purple Punch) X Auto Purple Punch.

How is Auto Mimosa Punch?

Dutch Passion Auto Mimosa Punch seeds produce non-photo dependent hybrids. This short, easy-to-cultivate autoflowering hybrid grows to approximately 50-90 cm, depending on pot size, and yields generously. You can expect large, fat, resin-filled buds with pleasant fruity aromas, which are mixed with subtle diesel undertones, responsible for the delicious smell given off by the frosty buds.

The complete cycle of this variety, from planting to harvesting, takes about 10-12 weeks, regardless of whether it is grown outdoors or indoors.

Production capacity of Auto Mimosa Punch

Auto Mimosa Punch autoflowering strain promises XL yields. The manufacturer Dutch Passion does not offer any specific data on production, neither outdoors nor indoors, but assures that it is very abundant.

Common effects

If you are looking for an autoflowering strain of superior quality, with a high THC content, with the Auto Mimosa Punch you will find it, because its THC levels can be very high.

Organoleptic properties

In the terpene analysis of Auto Mimosa Punch, exceptionally high levels of the most dominant terpenes have been found. Beta-myrcene, beta-pinene, terpinolene and beta-caryophyllene. The highest levels of terpenes in an autoflowering we have seen so far, which ensures an intense and complex aroma.

Characteristics of Auto Mimosa Punch

Indoor and outdoor

Feminized autoflowering

Genotype: Hybrid.

Genetics: Mimosa (Clementine X Purple Punch) X Auto Purple Punch

Cannabinoids: >20% of THC

Height: Medium

Complete cycle: 12 weeks (indoor and outdoor)

Yield: XL

Planting: Spring, summer or all year round with artificial light


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