Experiencia Natural Promotions

On this page you can see all our promotions, discounts and gifts available at this moment in Experiencia Natural cannabis seeds shop, order now and get this great deals.

Free shipping and gift seeds every 30€

Free shipping Free Seeds

All orders at Experiencia Natural enjoy free shipping and free seeds as a gift:

  • Order 30€: 1 Free Seed and free shipping.
  • Every 60€: 2 Free Seeds and free shipping.
  • Every 90€: 3 Free Seeds and free shipping.
  • Etc..

If you see that our website still charges you shipping costs it may be because you are on an island and you order other products besides seeds. It could also be that you are in another country and order other products besides seeds. All other orders should always have free shipping at 30€.

*Permanent promotion.


Delicious Seeds Promotion

1 free seed for all orders over 50€, only 1 seed per order. The seed of the promotion is the 2022 novelty BAY BURGER.

Only while stocks last.

Seed Banks with free seed deals

Click on the images to enter each of the offers, to check the conditions of each of these promotions you must continue reading on this page. Add this section to your favourites to access quickly and be aware of all the gifts that we offer in Experiencia Natural marijuana seeds shop.


Free seeds promotion at DNA Genetics

All packs of 3 and 6 seeds from DNA Genetics bank come with free seeds.

  • Packs of 3: 1 Free Seed.
  • Packs of 6: 2 Free Seeds.

*Promotion while stocks last. The free seeds are from DNA but will not be the same as the ones you buy.

Sweet Seeds Free Seeds Deal

All packs of 3 and 5 seeds from Sweet Seeds come with a gift included.

  • Packs of 3: 1 Free Seed (of the same variety you buy).
  • Packs of 5: 2 Free Seeds (of the same variety you buy).

*Promotion while stocks last.


Sensi Seeds gift seeds promotion

Super offer while supplies last, get free Sensi Seeds marijuana seeds with your order:

  •  For every pack of 3 seeds: 1 free.
  •  For every pack of 5 seeds: 2 free.

The seeds given as gifts are always from Sensi Seeds, but the variety does not necessarily have to match with what you buy. In other words, you will not always receive the same seeds as the one you bought, although they will all be of high quality and from Sensi Seeds in original packaging. We are sending Mandarin PunchDouble Kush Cake Auto,  Big Bud feminizada y NL feminizada.

*Promotion valid while stocks last.

Eva Seeds 3+1 seeds free promotion

Now with every order of a pack of 3 seeds from Eva Seeds instead of getting 3 seeds you get 4, that is a 3+1 of the same variety you have bought.

*Promotion valid while stocks last.

Free seeds with Pyramid Seeds

All packs of 3 and 5 seeds from Pyramid Seeds come with a gift included.

  • Packs of 3: 1 Free Seed (of the same variety you buy).
  • Packs of 5: 2 Free Seeds (of the same variety you buy).

*Promotion valid while stocks last.

Advanced Seeds 3+1 free seeds deal

3+1 seeds promotion in all strains of the bank Advanced Seeds, feminized as well as autoflowering.

Fast Buds 3+1 and 5+2 Promotion

Gift seeds in this acclaimed seed bank, now offering 3+1 and 5+2 in all the Fast Buds varieties. The gift seeds are varied within the catalogue of this bank.

*Promotion valid until the end of stock.

Visit this promotions page regularly to find out about all new deals available.