List of products by Seedbank Delicious Seeds

The Delicious Seeds seed bank produces all its cannabis seeds for collectors with the best quality standards in the sector. This manufacturer has an extensive catalogue of autoflowering and feminized strains.

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Delicious Seeds Seed Bank

Delicious Seeds is a premium supplier of Cannabis seeds for collectors. It is a project that took its first steps after a group of friends decided to pool their knowledge of botany and seeds to give shape to a project that is a benchmark in the marijuana seeds sector. 

Characteristics of Delicious Seeds bank

One of the main characteristics that define the work of the Delicious seed bank is research and the search for the best genetics. They have a very extensive catalogue of varieties, duly tested and stabilised. This explains the good acceptance that this seed bank has among consumers. 

Delicious Seeds is committed to developing a line of autoflowering and feminised seeds that are compatible with being environmentally friendly. In order to obtain their seeds, the breeders of this institution use the best quality standards of the sector without renouncing to essential values such as equality, efficiency and transparency.

Delicious Seeds offers seeds for the collector of premium varieties. The genetics present in this seed bank are from the best Cannabis families and come from different parts of the world. Only through an exhaustive genetic selection, this seed bank is able to offer the best product, aimed at the most demanding enthusiasts. 

The good work of the seed bank's geneticists is reflected in the wide range of strains they have. This seed bank offers short flowering products for collectors, their Early Version collection, capable of completing the flowering cycle in a short period of time; they also have limited collections, THC Free, heirloom... A sea of varieties in which every collector will find their favourite strain. 

At Delicious Seeds they are known for the care they put into each variety introduced into the market. They are committed to quality over quantity and this can be seen in a catalogue with many varieties, which they do not oversaturate every year with unduly tested strains.

Another key to the success of this seed bank is its packaging system. The logistics department of Delicious Seeds supplies the best feminized and automatic strains to the best seed distributors, such as Experiencia Natural, in original packs of 1, 3, 5 and 10 seeds. All packages are hermetically sealed so that the properties of the seeds are not affected.

Delicious Seeds began with the implementation of a vast line of feminized seeds that has been a resounding success in the community of seed lovers. Over time, seeing the success of this first line of products, this manufacturer decided to take a step further to take action in the autoflowering seeds sector, giving rise to a lineage of non-photodependent seeds with all the characteristics that a collector could want in a variety. 

Best strains from Delicious Seeds 

One of Delicious Seeds' feminised strains that stand out the most is Sugar Black Rose. This is an Indica and aromatic strain, which is the result of crossing the bank's private reserve clone of Critical Mass with Black Domina, also from the bank's catalogue. It is a strain with Skunk fragrance and active cannabinoids.

The Auto Dark Purple variety is one of the queens within the catalogue of autoflowering seeds, which arises from the great demand by the enthusiasts of purple varieties with short life cycles. To obtain this strain, some of the best Kush varieties were combined, such as the OG Kush with the autoflowering Purple Kush. This cross results in individuals with a complex terpene profile marked by myrcene and the presence of active cannabinoids.

In short, in Natural Experience it is possible to find some of the best varieties of Delicious Seeds, both autoflowering and feminized, cheap, with free shipping and free gift.