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With its high THC content and exquisite flavour profile, Descojack by Delicious Seeds is the perfect blend of classic genetics and modern advancements in cannabis breeding.


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Descojack by Delicious Seeds Introduction

Descojack is a carefully crafted hybrid that brings together the best attributes of Unknown Kush and the iconic Jack Herer. This modern rendition of classic strains caters to both commercial and medicinal needs while offering a potent and enjoyable experience for users.

Descojack is an exceptional choice for growers seeking a modern spin on classic strains. Its unique combination of qualities makes it suitable for various purposes, including commercial and medicinal applications.

How is Descojack?

Descojack is a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica hybrid that combines the desirable features of its parent strains. It boasts a sativa structure with a manageable height, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. 

This strain boasts high resistance to mold and pests, ensuring a healthy and robust grow even in challenging conditions. This resilience makes Descojack an excellent choice for novice and experienced growers alike.

Production Capacity

Indoor growers can expect a yield of 500-600 g/m2 from Descojack, while outdoor cultivation can produce over 1000 g/plant. The plant reaches a height of approximately one meter indoors, and outdoor plants can grow up to 3.5 meters during a 5-month cycle, maturing around mid-October.

Most Common Effects

Descojack features a high THC content of 23%, providing users with a potent and versatile experience. Descojack provides a balanced effect that begins with euphoria and mental clarity before transitioning to deep relaxation of both body and mind.

Organoleptic Properties

The flavour profile of Descojack is an exquisite blend of Jack Herer and Kush aromas. On the palate, the complex and dense aromas transform into a delightful mix of incensed exotic woods and slightly acidic, metallic lemon notes. This unique and enjoyable flavor profile sets Descojack apart from other strains and adds to its appeal.

Main Characteristics of Descojack

  • Genotype: 60% Sativa - 40% Indica
  • THC: 23%
  • Maturation (Indoor): 60 to 70 days
  • Maturation (Exterior): Mid-October
  • Flavor: Incensed
  • Way of Cropping: Ind/Out
  • Production: 500-600 g/m2 Indoor | +1000 g/plant Outdoor
  • Odor: High
  • Effect: Euphoric
  • Resistance to Mold: High
  • Pest Resistance: High
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Lineage: Unknown Kush x Jack Herer
  • BHO Performance: 20%
  • Irrigation Tolerance: High
  • Medicinal Value: High