Highly Productive Marijuana

Highly productive marijuana

Here you can find the most productive marijuana strain in the world, overweight and large monsters. They are not recommended to go unnoticed but to produce abundant buds instead.

These highly productive marijuana strains can produce giant plants to make the most of outdoor crops or can become highly compact to optimize the production in indoor crops. Discover the most productive marijuana plants available in our catalog.

Highly Productive Marijuana

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Fast Buds Seeds' Green Crack auto-flowering marijuana seeds stand out as one of the most "all-terrain" varieties in this bank. With an incredible mango flavor, very high production for an auto, potency and speed of flowering, is a plant that you can not ask anything else!

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Shiskaberry is an already mythical strain in the world of marijuana that now comes to Experiencia Natural from Barney's Farm seedbank. It is a selection of the well known Blueberry. This variety offers showy purple colors, delicious flavor and huge yields!

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Blue Gelato 41 feminized marijuana seeds are a novelty introduced this year in 2018 by Barney's Farm catalogue, it promises to bring the flavor and aroma of the best American strain to the resto of the world by adding a touch of purple and higher yield to the blend.

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The feminized marijuana seeds Gorilla Zkittlez are one of those strains that surely will not leave anyone indifferent with its delicate flavor. A novelty presented by Barney's Farm that brings the best of the new American genetics in a reliable, powerful, aromatic and high yield plant!

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Dutch Passion's feminised Critical Orange Punch seeds are a novelty from this bank and offer a genetic from the Skunk family with high yield and fast flowering. All the quality of this seedbank and a very economical price.

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Pineapple Express autoflowering marijuana seeds from Fast Buds seedsbank offer a perfect balance of aroma and feel. It is an ideal strain to enjoy the moment and uninhibit yourself while contemplating a complete fruit mix.

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The feminized marijuana seeds Quick Critical + comes from the Dinafem seedbank and are the answer for all those who wanted to grow Critical + outdoors but, due to the weather conditions and short summers, could not do so. It's ready to harvest before the end of the summer and with more or less the same yield and flavor of the original, is the choice for...

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Chem OG's feminized marijuana seeds are the result of the crossing of two mythical American strains, created by the Female Seeds bank, which has already accustomed us to its excellent genetics. Taste, aroma and yield in a plant that stands out!

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Holy Punch marijuana seeds from Green House seedbank are a new strain added to the catalogue of this Dutch seed bank for 2018. They stand out for their high yield and THC.

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The feminized Sweet Bilbo marijuana seeds from Genehtik seedbank are one of the novelties of this brand for the year 2018. A selection of Sweet Tooth genetics that comes directly from Canada to surprise the entire community with a delicious taste and huge yields!

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Blubonik feminized marijuana seeds from Genehtik seedbank come from a bank that has already accustomed us to its excellent genetics. With Blueberry parentals, this strain tastes like blueberries and berries and has a high yield.

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Over Dawg marijuana seeds are one of the Medical Seeds Bank's 2018 new strains. With high yield and THC levels up to 20%, it is a limited edition that should not be missed!

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Peyote Critical marijuana seeds are a novelty that comes to us from Barney's Farm in a limited edition! With an incredible sweet taste and very high yield, this strain comes to surprise.

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The feminised Franco's Lemon Cheese seeds are the Green House Seeds Bank's tribute to their famous breeder. Coming from the crossing of two mythical strains of this bank guarantees enormous yield and an incomparable flavor.

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Purple Moby Dick's marijuana seeds are a novelty in 2018 from Dinafem Seeds Bank. All the flavor, power and production of the original Moby Dick in violet version!

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