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We are Experiencia Natural, the specialized marijuana seeds online store since 2001, here is where you can buy Cannabis seeds in original package or in capsule.

Buy regular marijuana seeds, feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds quickly and safely. We have more than 1.000 strains in stock from the main Dutch, Spanish, American and many other seedbanks around the world. Our guarantee commitment includes always fresh seeds, preserved under strict organic preservation rules.

Within our entire catalogue you can find the best reputation marijuana seedbanks within the market, always at the best price. We do not want to sell what we would not buy, so we only work with the best producers which are environment conscious. If we make a mistake, we remove the product from our store as soon as possible. In the select categorie we highlight those strains that have a specific use, for example, very productive marijuana or medical marijuana and many more. In this way we want to make your shopping experience simple and effective at the same time.

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Find the seeds you are looking for from more than 1000 different strains

Stop looking around in websites where you don't know how to really find what you're looking for. Here in Experiencia Natural Grow Shop we help you navigate through the extensive catalogue of useful products that we have prepared for you. Enjoy our powerful search engine if you want to reach a specific Cannabis strain or feature, try searching for the word lemon to see those strains with that flavor or aroma.

Browse the categories to reach the best seedbanks, know the latest specials or best-selling products, enter Selected to be recommended more specifically according to what you're looking for. Once you be inside of a marijuana seeds category, you have filters at your disposal, to refine your search and to find your perfect strain in a matter of seconds.

From our online store besides being able to buy cannabis seeds from the best seedbanks, more than 1000 different strains among feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds and regular seeds, you can also purchase products for home agriculture and paraphernalia. In the Cultivation and Paraphernalia sections you will find all the products we have for sale both in our physical store and in our online store. In Experiencia Natural semillas-de-marihuana.com we help you to navigate by the extensive catalogue of useful products that we have prepared for teh Cannabis friends, ask us if you have doubts!

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We are a Experiencia Natural and you can find us in 17 Manzaneda street, downtow city of Ourense (Galicia, Spain). If you are not near, you can write to us by clicking on the bottom right of the screen, where it says Any questions? contact us. You can also call us during business hours from Monday to Friday at +34 988 222 327.