Experiencia Natural without paper

Being friendly with our mother earth is indispensable for us, the planet gives us shelter in the vastness of the Universe and provides us with what we need to live, which is why we all have to make our small contribution to keep their wealth alive and ensure that future generations have a place to live.

Since 2019 in marijuana seeds Experiencia Natural we have taken a very important step to be more environmentally friendly, from now on we do not consume paper for any of our work processes.

This means that we do not need to print any paper in any of the processes we have to meet your demands. Both ordering and invoicing are done in digital format.

With this change we are saving more than 10,000 sheets of paper a year, counting only strictly what we generated.

We also work with our suppliers mainly in digital format but we cannot force other companies to work 100% in this format.

This is another small grain of sand that we put from Experiencia Natural to encourage more people to become aware and not abuse the scarce resources of our planet.

Also if you come to visit us by the store you could see some printer and maybe some paper, Spanish law requires us to give ticket or invoice on paper if the customer requests it, so we must continue to have these devices available to anyone who requests it.