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This store was especially created to sale the best marijuana seeds from the best seed banks. Get Cannabis seeds of the highest quality available on the market. For that we have the most reputed seed banks in the sector. 

With the most recognized Cannabis seed banks both nationally and internationally, we always seach for the best genetics to offer give you what you need. 

Whether you want to buy regular, feminized or autoflowering seeds, each page includes data describing the most important characeristic of each variety allowing you to easily find them.

Your place to buy the best strains from the best seed banks and much more

All strains included in this catalogue can be bought by units and in original package, those that include an original package of 1 seed will be sold in it, the rest go in a protective and correctly identified capsule. Do you want quality and warranties? Trust in our 15 years of experience in selling marijuana seeds.


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Fast Buds Seeds' Green Crack auto-flowering marijuana seeds stand out as one of the most "all-terrain" varieties in this bank. With an incredible mango flavor, very high production for an auto, potency and speed of flowering, is a plant that you can not ask anything else!

9,00 €
In stock 9,00 €

Larry OG Kush's feminised marijuana seeds are a new variety developed by The Cali Connection Seeds Bank. Winner of different cannabis cups, it is a variety that offers power and production with an unbeatable taste!

14,50 €
In stock 14,50 €

Shiskaberry is an already mythical strain in the world of marijuana that now comes to Experiencia Natural from Barney's Farm seedbank. It is a selection of the well known Blueberry. This variety offers showy purple colors, delicious flavor and huge yields!

9,00 €
In stock 9,00 €

Blue Gelato 41 feminized marijuana seeds are a novelty introduced this year in 2018 by Barney's Farm catalogue, it promises to bring the flavor and aroma of the best American strain to the resto of the world by adding a touch of purple and higher yield to the blend.

12,00 €
In stock 12,00 €

The feminized marijuana seeds Gorilla Zkittlez are one of those strains that surely will not leave anyone indifferent with its delicate flavor. A novelty presented by Barney's Farm that brings the best of the new American genetics in a reliable, powerful, aromatic and high yield plant!

11,00 €
In stock 11,00 €

Auto Purple Diesel marijuana seeds arrives to Experiencia Natural, an autoflowering hybrid which offers a full experience of both aroma and flavor. Developed by Advanced Seeds, it is a strain that deliver trippy colors and a delicious flavor that will make it must for many collectors.

4,80 € 8,00 € -40%
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In stock 4,80 €

The feminized Quick Kush marijuana seeds are the new fast strain from Dinafem Seeds, developed thinking about the most impatient lovers of OG Kush or who live in climates where rain comes early. Maintaining all the flavour, power and aroma of its "original" sister, this genetics promises the same, but in just 56 days of flowering!

11,00 €
In stock 11,00 €

Amnesia Bilbo Auto's marijuana seeds come directly from the País Vasco to Experiencia Natural. Result of the genetic work of the Genehtik Seeds bank, these seeds are acclimated to the north of Spain and offer he yield and power of the sativas in just 9 weeks!

10,00 €
In stock 10,00 €

DNA Genetics' 60 Day Lemon Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds are the ideal partner to plant in any window or balcony. With ultra fast flowering and small size, they allow to obtain interesting yields in a short time and with little space.

9,50 €
In stock 9,50 €

Autoflowering Auto Critical Orange Punch marijuana seeds come from the Dutch Passion seedbank. It's the first autoflowering Critical strain introduced by this seedbank. With great yields for an automatic plant and a very economical price it is a genetic that auto lovers have to take into account.

4,50 €
In stock 4,50 €

Dutch Passion's feminised Critical Orange Punch seeds are a novelty from this bank and offer a genetic from the Skunk family with high yield and fast flowering. All the quality of this seedbank and a very economical price.

3,50 €
In stock 3,50 €

Autoflowering Skunk Auto marijuana seeds arrive from Strain Hunters seedbank after one of their forays in search of new landraces around the world. In this case they brought a Ruderalis from Kazakhstan to cross with the mythical Skunk to obtain a powerful, productive and very fast plant.

4,00 €
In stock 4,00 €

Dinamed Plus CBD feminized seeds are the answer to therapeutic users who wanted a plant just with almost no THC and very high CBD levels, more even than their sister Dinamed CBD. After a long genetic selection, Dinafem Seeds presents this novelty, ideal for all those who seek the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.

12,00 €
In stock 12,00 €

Pineapple Express autoflowering marijuana seeds from Fast Buds seedsbank offer a perfect balance of aroma and feel. It is an ideal strain to enjoy the moment and uninhibit yourself while contemplating a complete fruit mix.

9,00 €
In stock 9,00 €


Californian Snow marijuana seeds come directly from hot California from the Fast Buds seedbank. An autoflowering plant with huge yields and amazing amounts of resin that makes it a snowy pine in the middle of summer.

9,00 €
In stock 9,00 €
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