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Advanced Seeds Marijuana seedbank produces all their genetics under the organic farm methods.

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Advanced Seeds seedbank

Advanced Seeds is a Spanish seedbank that has both high quality feminized and autoflowering genetics at a reasonable price. All the strains developed by this seedbank comes from organic crops, sustainable and without genetic manipulation, to ensure a high quality in their seeds production. All fertilizers and insecticides used respect organic farming rules.

In addition, the selection, packaging and labelling process is carried out in a rigorous and controlled way, within isolated rooms. This way they can guarantee the identity of each of the strains sold.

One of the most outstanding strains within the Advanced Seeds catalogue is Jack Plant, a strain that offers the genetic quality of Jack Herer and White Widow, resulting in a very powerful plant that it is quite resistant to fungi, making it one of the favourite strains for sativas growers in humid climates.

Another very interesting strain of this seedbank is Gelato #33, a hybrid with a very sweet and fruity taste, reminiscent of strawberry ice cream. Besides that, it is highly recommended to obtain aromatic resin extractions.

The last but not the least is one of our favorites, the Critical Soma. It is an almost perfect hybrid, which combines the high yield and power of the famous Critical with an incredible sweet and exotic mango flavor.

We encourage you to try this incredible Spanish seedbank, it is very respectful with the environment and offers unique genetics at reasonable prices. Are you up for it?