List of products by Seedbank Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds Marijuana seedbank produces all their genetics under the organic farm methods. This spanish seed bank has an extensive catalogue of autoflowering and feminised strains.

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Advanced Seeds seedbank

Advanced Seeds is a highly reputable Spanish seed bank established in Murcia in 2009. The Spanish Mediterranean region has a great climate to create seeds from different varieties, this particular environment is one of the most appreciated worldwide and that's why Advanced Seeds is located here. This seed bank is the result of taking advantage of one of the best climates in the world and of the experience of its creators in the cannabis breeding field.

Advanced Seeds offers both high quality feminized and autoflowering genetics at a reasonable price. Despite the fact that it is a relatively new seed bank, its philosophy and way of working make it one of the collector's favourite choices.

Advanced Seeds work

All the strains developed by this seedbank are created based on organic crops. This is part of the way this institution works and the central axis of its philosophy. In this way, all the varieties developed by this seed bank are coming from organic, sustainable and without genetic manipulation plants, to guarantee a 100% bio quality in the production of its seeds.

Furthermore, all fertilizers and insecticides used respect organic farming rules. In this way, all the products used to create their seeds comes from natural sources. This means that the plant's organoleptic properties are not altered, respecting the natural aromas and flavours and moving away from other techniques in which chemical products can distort the original properties.

In addition, the selection, packaging and labelling process is carried out in a rigorous and controlled way, within isolated rooms, this way they can guarantee the identity of each of the strains sold. Thus, Advanced Seeds is a bank that has all the quality guarantees, not only in the process of selection and breeding, but also in the process of manufacturing and distribution. All the feminized and autoflowering seeds offer all the quality guarantees.

Below, you can find some of the most appreciated Advanced Seeds strains. It is difficult to choose the best varieties from this bank due to its extensive catalogue, but Advanced Seeds has a number of seeds that are already milestones in the international cannabis scene. 

Best Advanced Seeds varieties

One of the most outstanding strains within the Advanced Seeds catalogue is Jack Plant, a strain that offers the genetic quality of Jack Herer and White Widow, resulting in a very powerful plant that it is quite resistant to fungi, making it one of the favourite strains for sativas growers in humid climates. Also, it is a variety that offers relative ease of cultivation and large plants, which can give large yields too.

Another very interesting strain of this seedbank is Gelato #33, a hybrid with a very sweet and fruity taste, reminiscent of strawberry ice cream. Besides that, it is highly recommended to get aromatic resin extractions. The plants of the Gelato family offer unique characteristics that make them very popular nowadays. Basically, because they have American origin and a fresh and very sweet taste, with large quantities of resin, endurance and a lot of power.

The last but not the least is one of our favourites, the Critical Soma. It is an almost perfect hybrid, which combines the high yield and power of the famous Critical with an incredible sweet and exotic mango flavour. Any Critical fan will know how well it works. These are strong plants with excellent yields and a lot of power. In the case of the Critical Soma by Advanced Seeds, to these magnificent characteristics they add the exquisite fruity flavour of the Somango family, which makes the feminized seeds of Critical Soma one of the most outstanding in the Advanced Seeds catalogue.

In short, Advanced Seeds is a seed bank that offers everything a good collector can expect. This way, they offer an extensive catalogue with different strains, each of them with unique characteristics and excellent quality. If you don't want to take any risks when it comes to get top quality Cannabis seed at the best price, it is best to choose seed banks that guarantee solid quality standards, as is the case with Advanced Seeds. Furthermore, as it is a Spanish seed bank, the freshness and optimal conservation of its products is always guaranteed.

At Advanced Seeds they are environmentally conscious growers and that is why their organic growing techniques are well recognized in the market. With Advanced Seeds, you have the guarantee of acquiring products that have not been modified in the laboratory, but are merely the selection of specimens to offer collectors the most stable varieties with the best characteristics, but without renouncing to organic cultivation methods.

This is also evident in the organoleptic properties of the Advanced Seeds varieties. By not using chemicals in the fertilization of its plants from which it obtains seeds, the natural flavours and aromas are unaltered. Therefore, there are no strong chemical flavours that ruin the organoleptic properties of their strains.