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Get regular marijuana seeds of fantastic quality. In Experiencia Natural we put at your disposal a selection of seed banks that continue producing their strains in the original format. These regular cannabis seeds that produce males or females have not suffer any kind of genetic manipulation. Hence, the result is the guarantee of greater uniformitiy and reliability of the original properties of each strain.

Regular marijuana seeds produce the purest specimens, just as nature has created them. Their properties make them the perfect seeds to develop mothers or to make crossings with other strains getting incredible outcomes. Skimmers and expert growers appreciate only regular marijuana seeds, discarding for their own purposes feminized and autoflowering seeds.

Are you looking for that quality that only the best seed banks can offer you? If so, do not wai any longer and visit Experiencia Natural. Here you will find such emblematic banks from Holland like Sensi Seeds or DNA Genetics, who year after year gain more prestige and reputation between the great connoisseurs of Cannabis. Get your cheap regular marijuana seeds with the highest quality available on the market.

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Michoacan Cream Regular marijuana seeds from the Cannabiogen seedbank are the result of the crossing of two mythical and very stable strains. They produce plants of great beauty and very appreciated taste. Appart from that, even though they are regular, develop a high porcetanage of females (about 90%).

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Michka Regular Marijuana seeds from Sensi Seeds Bank, the version that gives you males or females of this Sativa limited edition tribute to the lady of the Cannabis Michka. Taste and sativa power in regular version!

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In stock 5,50 €

If the American Dream is an indica the size of a young tree loaded with hard, resinous buds, then Sensi Seeds' American Dream seeds are that dream.

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Four Way is a regular indica Marijuana strain from Sensi Seeds considered to be a real engineering exercise. Only the best cuttings of the best specimens have been used for this polyhybrid pedigree index.

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Shiva Shanti II is a regular indica dominant Marijuana strain and the little sister of the stratospheric Shiva Shanti. However, it is more sweet and affectionate. But do not be fooled and think that it is weak because it still is a goddess after all.

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Panama Regular is a regular Marijuana strain very easy to grow. The seed will develop a strong and compact plant. Panama Regular is an old school and pure Cannabis strain capable of producing large and resistant buds.  

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Maple Leaf Indica is a regular Marijuana strain and one of the hashish survivor strains from Mazar-i-Sharif. Is one of the most beautiful Afghan ever seen due to the purity of its ancestors.  

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First Lady is a regular Marijuana strain ideal for beginner growers due its ease of cultivation and excellent harvests. It also provides a very relaxing and corporal effect, a very typical high from the Indica Marijuanas. 

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Early Girl Regular is a regular Marijuana strain highly reliable, resistant and easy to grow, thus being ideal for balconies, terraces or greenhouses. 

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Early Skunk Regular is a regular indica dominant Marijuana strain characterized by being resistant, fast, and surprisingly vibrant, capable of producing heavy, very abundant, humid and dark buds in any kind of climate. 

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Peyote Purple is a regular indica dominant Marijuana strain harboring an exceptional genetics with intense and psychedelic colors and a unique citric taste.

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Eagle Bill Regular is a regular sativa dominant Marijuana strain that was named in honor to Eagle Bill, an old friend of Ben Dronkers and the godfather of vaporizers. This strain is extremely vigorous, grows very much from the early stages altough reaching a moderate size.

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Warlock Regular is a regular hybrid Marijuana strain that despite its indica dominance combines the best features of sativas. This Marijuana harbors a winning pedigree being the winner of the 1997 High Times Marijuana Cup.

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Mexican Sativa Regular is a regular sativa dominant Marijuana strain being a mythical plant originally from Mexico. It provides an active effect and is suitable for outdoor and guerrilla cultivations.

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Motavation Regular is a regular indica dominant Marijuana strain that comes from the Magus Geneticus seedbank. Ideal strain to forget depression or boring moods.

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