List of products by Seedbank Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem Seeds is a Spanish marijuana seed bank with an extensive catalog of high quality strains.

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Dinafem seedbank

Dinafem seedbank strains are exclusively high quality feminized ones, obtained by different organic methods such as self-pollination or sister crossing. Here you can find all their autoflowering and feminized genetics.

Dinafem seedbank began its journey in Spain in the late 90's, being one of the references of the explosion of interest about marijuana in Spain. These were the years that also opened the first Grow Shops in this country, as well as the first Cannabis consumer clubs.

During the first years the Dinafem seedbank worked with strains that had achieved great success in other European countries, such as Critical + or Cheese, the one that was was the favorite of collectors in the UK .

The Dinafem seedbank then focused on obtaining new strains from famous crosses, from which its best-known strain, Moby Dick, emerged.

Subsequently the Dinafem team focused on the development of autoflowering seeds, as they have characteristics that are not possible to replicate in Cannabis photoperiodic plants.

Finally, in recent years, the new seed creations of the Dinafem seedbank are focused on high CBD strains, as they are the most in demand at the moment and are the ones with the most components that can have medicinal use.

Dinafem seedbank has been awarded with numerous prizes in different cannabis contests throughout the world, being one of the most powerful marijuana seeds producers of the market, surpassing many others. As final detail to comment, Dinafem now also is centered in the study and search of applications of the different compounds of the Cannabis plant, like cannabinoids and terpenes.