Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem Seeds is a Spanish marijuana seed bank with an extensive catalog of high quality strains.

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The Dinafem Seed Bank

Dinafem seeds are exclusively feminised seeds of high quality. They are obtained by various organic methods including self-pollination or crossing of sister plants. All their auto-flowering and feminised genetics are available to growers around the world. 

In this article, we will look at some of the most important historical data of this seed bank, while highlighting some of the most notable seeds developed throughout its long history.

History of the Dinafem Seed Bank

The Dinafem seed bank began its activity in Spain at the end of the 1990s. Dinafem was a leading figure at the time when Spain registered as an explosion in the interest of marijuana. It was during this period that the first marijuana Grow Shops and customer associations opened in Spain.

The creators of Dinafem seed bank had a passion for Cannabis seeds – this was what motivated its first work as an official bank in 2002. In the early stages of its development, Dinafem focused its efforts on building a foundation with an impeccable seeds catalogue with different varieties. To achieve this, they carried out research processes to develop techniques for obtaining seeds.

A section of the Dinafem project team was coordinated, by Professor OG, who at that time, was one of the most popular breeders in the world and co-founder of the Dinafem seed bank. The philosophy and ethics of this seed bank focus on the conservation of seed specimens. In doing this, Dinafem carried out an excellent job of collecting, selecting, and conserving seed specimens of different varieties. 

In addition to their good wood in seed conservation, the Dinafem teams are experts and pioneers in manufacturing their seeds with the best possible means. Every seed from this bank gets to the collector's hands in the best possible condition.

Furthermore, the seed selection process at Dinafem is meticulously carried out. Thus, every seed marketed by Dinafem has been scrutinized for excellence. This process involves extracting any possible plant remains that the seeds may have, as well as an examination of their size, maturity, and properties. This is done so that customers receive the best possible product.

One of the techniques that earned Dinafem international recognition is the micro-conservation. This process involves keeping the spaces in which its seeds are stored properly insulated. By doing so, extra protection is given to the seeds, which are isolated to prevent changes in environmental conditions from affecting the final result.

Best Varieties of Dinafem Seed Bank

During the first years of its production, the Dinafem seed bank worked with varieties that had achieved great success in other European countries, including Critical+ or Cheese, which was a favourite among collectors in the UK. 

The first of the seed varieties developed by Dinafem produced very productive plants. To achieve this, they crossed a Big Bud specimen with a selection of Skunk. Also, Cheese, another classic Dinafem strain, became very popular because of its complex organoleptic properties. Cheese is still an old-school classic among collectors.

As time passed, the Dinafem seed bank focused on breeding new varieties from famous crosses, resulting in their best-known strain, Moby Dick. It is also the seed that brought Dinafem to the international stage. Moby Dick is possibly this bank's most awarded seed variety, winning a total of 12 prizes in different competitions from across the world. It is a cult genetics, Sativa-dominant, with very high yields.

Subsequently, the Dinafem team focused on the development of auto-flowering seeds, which have characteristics that are not possible to replicate in photoperiodic plants. The Critical Jack Auto, a highly sought-after Dinafem seed stands out in this category. The Critical Jack Auto preserves the vigour and productivity of the original feminised Critical Jack. The Moby Dick Auto seeds is another flagship seed of Dinafem, as it is an express flowering version of the most popular seeds in Dinafem's stock, Moby Dick.

In recent years Dinafem has focused on creating seeds with a high CBD content. These seeds are currently the most demanded seeds and also have the most components for medicinal use. One notable Dinafem seen in this category is the Dinamed CBD. It is popular for being the first seed from this seed bank capable of limiting THC to less than 0.5 and maintaining a CBD concentration of approximately 14%.

The Dinafem seed bank has won numerous awards at different cannabis competitions around the world. Dinafem is one of the most powerful marijuana seed producers on the market, sitting above many others in quality and experience. Finally, Dinafem has focused on studying and researching new applications for the different compounds of the Cannabis plant, including cannabinoids and terpenes.