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Amnesia Auto CBD is a feminized autoflowering Marijuana strain from Dinafem Seeds that produce medicinal specimens with a slight psychoactive effect, citrus taste and good yields.


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Amnesia Auto CBD Autolowering Marijuana Seeds

Amnesia Auto CBD is a feminized autoflowering Marijuana strain from Dinafem Seeds for medicinal use that was created by crossing Amnesia XXL Auto and an autoflowering strain enriched with CBD. The THC:CBD ratio of this strain is approximately 1:2 and the most common values ​​of these two cannabinoids in ideal growing conditions are about 6% of THC and 12% of CBD.

Amnesia Auto CBD stands out for its low-power, discretion, great taste and yields as well as an early harvest time. 

The plants of Amnesia Auto CBD are very easy to grow, vigorous, uniform and of great quality. Besides that, their autoflowering features makes them ideal for planting at different times of the year.

Amnesia Auto CBD grows fast in a very branched manner with a short internodal distance and developing medium-sized leaves. Each specimen is able of reaching moderate heights, of around 170 centimeters. 

This variety is suitable for indoor and outdoor culitvations as well as for any kind of substrates and fertilizers. The plants requires enough needs, enough substrate, manure and irrigation, all of which pays with great outcomes upon the harvest.

Amnesia Auto CBD is quite productive for an automatic strain ebing capable of offering productions of about 500gr/m2 on indoorsand underoptimal growing conditions. In the garden, it will be able to give productions that can reach up to 170 grams per plant.

Amnesia Auto CBD has a moderate harvest time, ending its full growth and flowering periods in about 10-11 weeks on indoors and outdoors.

The taste of Amnesia Auto CBD is mainly citrus to lemon, mixed with a fruity, woody and incensed background taste. 

Amnesia Auto CBD provides a much smooth effect than the original Amnesia, mainly due to its CBD content that makes the hogh tobe much more bearable and for medicinal purposes. The perception is slightly psychoactive, but very soft and is accompanied by a physical relationship, ideal for moderate medicinal or recreational applications.

Main features of Amnesia Auto CBD Marijuana:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Autoflowering feminized
  • Genotype: Hybrid Ruderalis at 50%
  • Genetic: Amnesia XXL Auto x CBD Auto Feminized
  • Cannabinoids: CBD:THC ratio of 1:2. About 6% of THC and 12% of CBD
  • Height: Up to 170 centimeters on outdoors.
  • Flowering: 70 - 75 days on indoors and outdoors
  • Production: Up to 500 g/m2 on indoors and up to 170 grams per plant.
  • Plantation: From spring to end of summer