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Inside this section are all the necessary products for marijuana cultivation both for indoors and outdoors, including all different kinds of substrates in which you can grow Cannabis. This specialized equipment allows to grow all kinds of plants in a space reserved for them. We offer a balanced catalog between the most reputed brands within the Cannabis sector which offer the highest possible quality and performance as well as products of affordable price and acceptable quality.

You can find fertilizers for marijuana for a correct nutrition of the plant, special pots for marijuana, indoor cultivation closets, products for climate control and for extractionmeter devices to know if your plants have the correct values, growing kits and lamps for growing marijuana in case of insufficient sun or lack of an outdoor space, as well as the last technology in cultivation LEDs that offer the most suited light for a correct growth and flowering of plants thus giving the best possible outcomes and finally, marijuana cultivation systems like hydroponics, aeroponics and maximum harvesting systems.

We also offer you anti-pests and fungicides to protect the plants from ailments as well as a section with all the required instruments for a proper harvest. Find out these section and others below.


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The cheap 600W growing kit is the ideal kit to start growing crops indoors without spending a lot of money. It is an economical kit that includes class I electromagnetic ballast and bulb and reflector to choose.

71,95 €
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The adjustable electronic ballast is a white label product, a last generation ballast with an unbeatable price. With potentiometer included, this ballast offers the best features, allows to regulate the amount of light available and has an incredible price.

129,99 €
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Philips Master Son-t Pia HG Free marijuana growing lamps are high quality HPS bulbs ideal for indoor growing. With a power of 400w, these bulbs are environmentally friendly since they do not contain mercury.

25,00 €
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This is the 400W cheap growkit is perfect for getting started in indoor growing, this cheap kit includes 400W class I electromagnetic ballast ready to plug in, 400W growing lamp and reflector screen to choose from.

68,95 €
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The CFL bulb reflector is a stuck reflector specially reinforced to support the weight of this type of bulb. Forget the half hung CFL, with this reflector, the lamp will stay in place!

19,95 €
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The Wings reflector is a gull wing shaped reflector ideal for increasing the growing area without having to change the bulb. Ideal for perfect light diffusion at the most economical price on the market!

11,95 €
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Clonex from Growth Technologies is the most famous cuttings rooting hormone on the market and the preferred by growers for years. After its disappearance from the market for a few months, now returns in strength to place itself once again among the favorites in the cannabis world.

9,50 €
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BAC's Final Solution is a complete product for the cleaning and recovery of soils during the growth's final phase. It converts all the nutrients dissolved in the soil, allowing their recovery by the plant and clean its roots, allowing a purer taste and aroma!

29,90 €
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The Feeding Bio Bloom is a fertilizer in solid format, with slow release, developed by Greenhouse for the flowering phase of the marijuana plant. Totally organic, it is a fertilizer simple to use, which reduces the workload of the grower and can be sent worldwide.

16,50 €
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Feeding Bio Grow is a totally organic fertilizer developed by Greenhouse for the entire growth phase of marijuana plants. It is a prolonged release fertilizer that simplifies the task of the fertilization and nourishes the plant with all the necessary components for this phase of its life. Simple, easy to use and in solid format, allowing it to be sent...

14,50 €
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Feeding Bio Enhancer is an organic stimulator in solid form developed by Greenhouse to stimulate, revitalize and improve the quality of the marijuana plant. It is a concentrate of humic acids and algae extracts very easy to use and that can be sent worldwide!

24,50 €
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Feeding Booster is a flowering complement developed by GreenHouse Seeds to offer a product in solid format to obtain an explosive flowering. Denser and more developed buds and more resin in a product that is very easy to use and can be sent all over the world.

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Feeding Long Flowering is a fertilizer in solid format that is manufactured by the famous Dutch seed house Greenhouse Seeds. It is suitable for the growth and flowering of marijuana plants of very long flowering, that is, that its flowering exceeds 9-10 weeks. Among other advantages, this product can be shipped worldwide, is easy to use and economical. 

8,95 €
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Feeding Hybrids is a fertilizer manufactured by Greenhouse Seeds that is presented in solid format and is designed for almost all types of marijuana plants. Valid for growth and flowering of plants with up to 10 weeks of flowering, its most notable points are ease of use and can be sent all over the world.

8,95 €
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Feeding Short Flowering is a solid format fertilizer valid for the growth and flowering of marijuana plants with a short flowering cycle and for autoflowering. The ease of use and the possibility of sending it all over the world are two of its most outstanding characteristics.

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