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Hesi TNT Complex Growth for Soil is a rich compost of the highest quality specially developed for the vegetative growth period plants that are grown in soil and coco.

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Soil Growth Fertilizer Hesi TNT Complex

Hesi TNT Growth Complex Soil is a rich fertilizer specially developed for the vegetative growth period of plants that are grown in soil and coco substrates. It can also be used in outdoor crops and stem plants.

The TNT Complex contains a great number of essential elements for an amazing development of green plants like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as oligoelements like iron, zinc, copper, plant sugars, vitamins B1, B2 and B3, and amino acids.

All these elements encourages the formation of new plant cells and enhances the development of chlorophyll by the plant. Besides that, it speeds up the plant metabolism and consequently its growth. It thus creates stronger and greener plants, very healthy and able to flourish at the lightning speed.

Moreover, Hesi TNT Growth Complex Soil has its ingredients in the purest form, so the fertilizer is free of residues.

Apply TNT Growth Complex Soil throughout the vegetative growth period and combine it with Hesi Root Complex. Add 25ml per 10L of water.