The Seedstockers seed bank has its headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), from where they offer a wide cannabis seeds catalogue of the best quality-price. It is one of the national referents in the manufacture of low cost seeds with the best characteristics. 

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Seedstockers seed bank 

Seedstockers is a Spanish seed manufacturer and supplier with many years in the sector. In this way, this institution has more than 30 years distributing premium seeds at the best price. To do so, this seed bank makes use of a network of breeders who select and improve the best genetics in the world. Here you will know all about the Seedstockers seed bank.

The Seedstockers seed bank has a wide catalogue of feminised and autoflowering strains, obtained from different parts of the world and stabilized from its headquarters in Barcelona. In Experiencia Natural it is possible to acquire the best selection of Seedstockers seeds, all of them at the best price and with free shipping + gift. 

Characteristics of the Seedstockers seedbank

One of the characteristics that best define the work of Seedstockers seed bank is the excellent quality-price ratio achieved in their products. This manufacturer is widely known in the seed collecting circuits for the excellent genetics it produces while maintaining a stable price line.

The secret? This manufacturer has a simple cost structure, where they cut back on marketing strategy and advertising campaigns in order to invest as much as possible in the process of breeding the varieties. By reducing corporate costs, this seed bank manages to offer top quality collector seeds at the lowest possible price.

The Seedstockers team is made up of young professionals who are passionate about what they do and their team of breeders sources European genetics, mainly Spanish and Dutch, without neglecting more exclusive international genetics. To ensure this, this bank hand-selects the seeds it offers for sale. 

The Seedstockers seed bank prides itself on producing seeds with the best characteristics and varied genetics. They never compromise on the quality of their seeds due to the excellent network of breeders they have built up over their long history. For this, they also make use of excellent quality packaging and seed preservation methods. Depending on the quantity of seeds for collecting that you want to buy, this manufacturer offers different sizes of packaging.

The secret of Seedstockers is to analyse the market and meet the needs of seed enthusiasts. In this way, its large team of professionals analyse the demands of collectors and strive to obtain the highest quality genetics of varieties from all over the world at the best possible price. 

Seedstockers' best strains

One of the most sought after strains from Seedstockers seedbank is the feminised Moby Dick. This is a classic strain that descends from the legendary White Widow and was developed during the 90s. It is a highly collected strain because of its terpenes. It also has the ability to generate active cannabinoids and short flowering cycles.

On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning the feminised Sherbet strain, which comes from the combination of a Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties and has the best genetic traces of the American families. This strain can produce sweet aromas and active cannabinoids such as THC.

To finish, the autoflowering Power Plant strain has the ability to give rise to XXL-sized specimens, with incredible yields and the ability to generate active cannabinoids. This strain can produce sweet aromas and is one of the recommendations of the Barcelona seedbank Seedstockers.