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DNA Genetics marijuana seed bank is Dutch, founded in Amsterdam. Great quality seeds since the year 2004.

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DNA Gentics Seed Bank

From the city of canals and free marijuana, Amsterdam, comes DNA Genetics, one of the world's most prestigious marijuana seedbanks. Here you will find their autoflowering, feminized and regular strains.

DNA Genetics has one of the longest roadmaps within the marijuana seedbanks, established in the 80's of the last century, nowadays they have the best possible reputation among growers of almost every country.

Their first works took place in California, although shortly afterwards they decided that Amsterdam would be their main base. They still maintain their place in the US and that gives them the versatility and anticipation that other marijuana seedbanks cannot have.

Their work is really prolific, offering Cannabis lovers a huge number of new strains every year, many of them Cannabis Cup winners.

Here we offer you all DNA Genetics seedbank strains at great prices and with free shipping and gift from just 30€.