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DNA Genetics marijuana seed bank is Dutch, founded in Amsterdam. Great quality seeds since the year 2004.

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DNA Genetics Seed Bank

Straight from everyone’s favourite city of canals and marijuana comes the DNA Genetics seedbank, one of the most prestigious marijuana seed banks in the world. On this website you can find their auto-flowering, feminized and regular marijuana strains. In the following passages, we cover key points in the seed bank’s history and driving philosophy, as well as demonstrating a selection of their best seed strains.

DNA Genetics has one of the longest histories among cannabis seed banks, spanning back to the 80s. Today, they boast the highest possible reputation among marijuana cultivators all over the world. However, DNA Genetics as we know it today was officially founded in 2004, the product of a partnership between Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni. Together, the pair combined their knowledge and experience in the world of marijuana cultivation to establish the company and market their own products.

Their work began in California, but soon after they decided to establish their main base in Amsterdam. They continue to maintain their location in the USA, which allows them the versatility and foresight that many other cannabis seed banks lack. As such, throughout the company’s first decade of trading, its founders dedicated themselves to working on American seed varieties, with a specific preference for genetics found within California.

One of the most pivotal moments in the company’s history came in 2015, when they managed to secure a strategic deal with the seed giant Canopy Growth Corporation. This union allowed DNA Genetics to supply its products to Canada following the country’s legalisation of cannabis.

With this, DNA Genetics is credited with having sold the first legal gram of its Lemon Skunk marijuana in Canada. The seed bank continues to expand to international markets where medical marijuana use is decriminalised, with further strategic agreements allowing the company to export its to Jamaica and other Caribbean markets.

DNA Genetics prides itself on the way it works. Their state-of-the-art breeding facilities among various legal markets allow them to employ the most advances techniques for obtaining and preserving seeds. Their multidisciplinary team, consisting of professionals from fields such as genetics and botany, affords them some of the highest quality standards in the industry.

Their work is among the most prolific and offers cannabis enthusiasts a wide range of new varieties each year, many of which have been awarded the Cannabis Cup. In addition, DNA Genetics strives to maintain the best quality standards in the conservation and distribution of its seeds, so that collectors receive the product in the best possible condition. 

Best DNA Genetics Strains

Below we present some of the most popular DNA Genetics cannabis seeds, along with their most important properties. All seeds produced by DNA Genetics undergo a rigorous selection process, whereby only the most premium specimens are selected and defective seeds are discarded. Further to this, the seed bank employs the most effective conservation methods to ensure that seeds do not lose their properties.

Up first, their Holy Grail Kush stands out among the rest. A variety obtained from another of the seed bank’s legendary strains, the Kosher Kush, it is combined with the OG #18, giving rise to one of the company’s most popular specimens. The Holy Grail Kush is known for producing plants with stupendous yields, high resistance and first-class organoleptic properties.

The Tangie seed strain also take pride of place in the DNA Genetics catalogue, the result of a collaboration with Crockett Family Farms. Its main properties are its sativa dominance and its exquisite citric taste.

One cannot discuss DNA Genetics’ best seeds without mentioning in detail the Kosher Kush seed. This is a variety which perfectly represents the essence of the seed bank, as a variety of American genetics. This seed presents Indica dominance and an impressive resistance. The incredible performance of this variety prompted DNA Genetics to use it in obtaining many new varieties of seeds. 

These are just a few examples among DNA Genetics’ vast catalogue of seed strains, available at great prices with free shipping, and an additional free gift with purchases above € 30.