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Early Girl Regular is a regular Marijuana strain highly reliable, resistant and easy to grow, thus being ideal for balconies, terraces or greenhouses


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Early Girl Regular Marijuana Seeds

The genetics of Early Girl comes from Afghanistan and from the north part of India that give it its indica characteristics, also coming from a mexican ancestry that provides a bright and solid sativa Cannabis touch to its effect.

Besides their autoflowering strains, this highly reliable and resistant strain is the first outdoor indica specimen from Sensi Seeds. Early Girl is a reliable strain from the 80's, known to produce in short summers from the north, outstanding, reliable and bright indica buds. Early Girl is easy to grow easy to grow, thus being ideal for balconies, terraces or greenhouses.

Virtually, any kind of place will be suited to make these specimens to grow in a compact manner: one or two meters of space receiving good amounts of light during the day are enough for this strain to show its ease of cultivation on outdoors. With direct sunlight access, a regular watering and some nutrients, Early Girl will be able to produce columns of fat and sticky buds. 

With its bushy and branched structure, its branches, if not pruned, will attain the main stem top. The top branches remain short and connect with the main stem that harbors the majority of the buds formed. Such feature makes it suitable for SOG or SCROG cultivations, according with the needs of each growing and with the features of the growing closet. 

It provides a relaxing, smooth and long-lasting effect, making you to reach some serenity and mental calm. Its aroma is very sweet, tasting like exotic hashish thus giving a dense and very tasty smoke. 

Features of Early Girl Marijuana:

  • Regular

  • Indoor/outdoor

  • Genotype: 75% Indica and 25% Sativa

  • Genetic: Afganistan x Norte de la India x México

  • THC: unknown

  • CBD: unknown

  • Flowering: 50-60 days (indoors and outdoors – northern hemisphere)