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Best Autoflowering Strains | Top 10 High Quality Auto Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis strains are nature’s gift to the people, blending the age-old wisdom of the plant with today’s innovative breeding techniques. As we journey through today’s article, certain strains stand out, capturing the essence of rapid growth, profound potency, and captivating aromas. This guide is a guide to the best autoflowering strains ever created.

best auto strains

Between the mystical tales of the plant’s history and the tangible results seen in modern cultivation. It’s an exploration of nature’s gift, where each seed holds a story, and every harvest reveals a chapter of excellence. Here you are in the right place to discover the strains that are setting benchmarks in the world of automatic cannabis. Continue reading to find out the best auto strains, or shop online in our extensive catalogue of automatic seeds.

What is an Autoflowering Seed?

An autoflowering seed is a type of cannabis seed that flowers based on its age, rather than the light cycle it receives. This is due to the presence of Ruderalis genetics, a cannabis subspecies from regions with long nights and short days. When bred with Indica or Sativa strains, the result is an autoflowering variant that retains the characteristics of its parent strain but with the added advantage of a shorter growth cycle.

Auto, Automatic or Autoflowering? Are they the Same?

Yes, in the cannabis realm, the words “automatic” and “autoflowering” mean the same thing, also the word “auto” means exactly the same too, and it is not referring automobiles.

How The best Automatic Seeds are Produced?

The production of top-tier auto seeds involves meticulous breeding techniques. It starts with the selection of high-quality parent strains, typically a potent Indica or Sativa, and a Ruderalis variant. Through multiple generations of cross-breeding, breeders aim to retain the desirable traits of the parent strains while introducing the autoflowering characteristic from the Ruderalis. This process requires patience, expertise, and a deep understanding of cannabis genetics. Over time, the resulting strains are stabilized, ensuring consistent growth patterns, potency, and flavour profiles in the offspring.

Best Autoflowering Seed Banks

The rise in popularity of autoflowering strains has led to an increase in seed banks specialising in these varieties. Some of the most renowned seed banks in the autoflowering domain include:

  1. Fast Buds: Known for their innovative strains and high THC content, Fast Buds has made a significant mark in the autoflowering community. Their strains are tailored for both recreational and medicinal users.
  2. Barney’s Farm: A household name in the cannabis world, Barney’s Farm has been at the forefront of producing some of the most sought-after autoflowering strains, combining potency with flavour.
  3. Dutch Passion: With decades of experience, Dutch Passion is a pioneer in cannabis breeding. Their autoflowering strains are a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.
  4. Greenhouse Seeds: Renowned for their award-winning strains, Greenhouse Seeds has a diverse range of autoflowering varieties suitable for all types of growers.
  5. Delicious Seeds: Focusing on the sensory experience, Delicious Seeds offers autoflowering strains that are a treat for both the palate and the senses.

These seed banks have set industry standards, consistently producing strains that cater to the evolving needs of the cannabis community.

Pros of the Best Automatic Strains

Autoflowering strains have been gaining traction in the cannabis community, and for good reason. Here are some of the standout advantages of the best automatic strains:

  1. Quick Turnaround: One of the most significant benefits of autoflowering strains is their rapid growth cycle. From seed to harvest, these strains can be ready in as little as 8-10 weeks.
  2. Multiple Harvests: Their short life cycle means cultivators can achieve multiple harvests in a single growing season, maximizing yield potential.
  3. Compact Size: Generally, autoflowering plants remain relatively small, making them perfect for discreet cultivation or for growers with limited space.
  4. Resilience: These strains often exhibit robust resistance to pests, diseases, and environmental stressors, thanks to their Ruderalis genetics.
  5. No Light Cycle Dependency: Unlike photoperiod strains, autoflowers don’t require specific light cycles to flower, offering flexibility in cultivation.
  6. Diverse Genetics: Modern breeding techniques have led to a wide variety of autoflowering strains, catering to different tastes, effects, and cultivation preferences.

Top 10 of the Best Auto Seeds

The cannabis market is flooded with numerous autoflowering strains, but some truly stand out. Here’s a curated list of the top 10 automatic seeds that have garnered acclaim. First, you will find a brief resum of them, then you can dive more in detail and get links to our online shop.

  1. Gorilla Cookies Auto: A potent blend offering dense buds and a quick flowering time.
  2. Auto Kerosene Krash: Known for its unique aroma and high THC content.
  3. Alienz Auto: A strain that promises a balanced high and robust growth.
  4. GMO Auto: Celebrated for its intense potency and rich flavour profile.
  5. Auto Dark Purple: A visually stunning strain with deep purple hues.
  6. Strawberry Gorilla Auto: A fruity delight with impressive resin production.
  7. Mimosa x Orange Punch Auto: A citrusy sensation with balanced effects.
  8. Super Lemon Haze Auto: A zesty strain with an invigorating Sativa high.
  9. Auto MAC 1: Renowned for its resinous buds and high THC levels.
  10. Critical Neville Haze Auto: A Sativa dominant strain offering a unique aromatic profile.

Each of these strains brings something unique to the table, be it in terms of flavour, effect, or growth characteristics. They represent the pinnacle of autoflowering genetics, offering cultivators and users an unparalleled cannabis experience.

Gorilla Cookies Auto

The Gorilla Cookies Auto strain, a recent addition to the Fast Buds Seeds collection, is a testament to the power of genetic fusion. This strain is the offspring of the iconic American genetics, Gorilla and Girl Scout Cookies, further enhanced with a unique Ruderalis from Fast Buds. It’s a strain that promises a blend of potency, resin production, and a flavour profile that’s hard to forget.

La Gorilla Cookies destaca en la mejor marihuana para extracciones 2020 por su delicioso sabor.
Gorilla Cookies Auto

Gorilla Cookies Auto is a strain that boasts vigour, reaching heights of up to 100 cm. It presents a compact structure with a medium internodal distance, culminating in a central stem and several secondary branches that might require support due to the weight of its resin-rich buds. This strain is easy to cultivate, requiring a bit more nourishment after its third week and showcasing resilience against humidity and diseases. One of its standout features is its production capacity, with potential yields of up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and over 300 grams per plant outdoors. Ready for harvest in about 10 weeks post-germination, its potency is undeniable with THC levels reaching up to 27%. The effect starts with an exhilarating cerebral high, transitioning to a full-body relaxation. The flavour profile is intricate, with dominant notes of cookies and kerosene, complemented by undertones of menthol and citrus.

Auto Kerosene Krash

Auto Kerosene Krash by Dutch Passion represents the pinnacle of THC production in an automatic strain. This marvel of cannabis breeding is the result of a meticulous cross between Kerosene Krash and Auto Glueberry O.G., resulting in a unique hybrid that combines the best traits of both parent strains. With its American lineage, this strain promises an unforgettable experience in terms of potency, flavour, and aroma.

auto kerosene krash
Auto Kerosene Krash

Auto Kerosene Krash is a compact plant, characterised by its thick, round buds and a generous coating of resin. It completes its life cycle in 12 weeks and is renowned for its intricate terpene profile, offering a unique flavour and aroma. When it comes to production, this strain doesn’t disappoint, boasting an XL yield. Originating from the United States, it’s evident that this strain has been carefully selected and bred for superior quality. Its THC content is notably high, ensuring a potent cerebral and physical effect. The organoleptic properties of Auto Kerosene Krash are distinct, with earthy, gassy, and piney aromas, coupled with a sour and earthy flavour.

AlienZ Auto

The vast universe of cannabis strains is as diverse and varied as the cosmos itself. Each strain carries a unique story, a distinct set of genetics that offers a specific experience to its users. Among this constellation of cannabis varieties, AlienZ Auto stands out as a shining star. This strain is a brilliant blend of the interstellar lineage of AlienZ and Watermelon auto, the latter being an autoflowering strain known for its resilience and ease of cultivation. AlienZ Auto inherits the robust growth traits of AlienZ, developing a characteristic Christmas tree-like structure adorned with a lush array of branches.

mejor automatica alienz auto
AlienZ Auto

Cultivating AlienZ Auto is akin to embarking on a cosmic journey. It expands with the vigour of a supernova, radiating a luminosity that captivates every observer. Starting as a dense cluster of foliage, it transforms over time into a magnificent spectacle with expansive colas signalling a bountiful harvest. Indoors, it poses a rewarding challenge, reaching an average height of 150 cm and flowering in about nine weeks. Outdoors, it’s equally impressive, yielding around 150 grams per plant. The effects of AlienZ Auto are diverse and astonishing, with users reporting lasting sensations of happiness and sociability. Its flavour profile is a testament to its splendid genetic blend, skilfully combining earthy and citrus notes of AlienZ with the sweet and caramel tones of Watermelon Zkittlez.

GMO Auto

For those in search of an autoflowering cannabis strain that combines ease of cultivation with impressive yields, GMO Auto by Barney’s Farm is the answer. This strain is a powerhouse in the world of autoflowering cannabis, impressing even the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs with its unique blend of OMG and BF Super Auto #1 genetics.

GMO Auto
GMO Auto

GMO Auto is a cultivator’s dream, completing its seed-to-harvest cycle in a swift 70-75 days. This predominantly indica strain grows to a manageable height of 90-110 cm indoors and 100-130 cm outdoors. Ideal for indoor cultivation due to its compact size, GMO Auto is also notably resistant to mould and pests. When it comes to yield, this strain is a top performer, producing up to 600g/m2 indoors and 200-300g per plant outdoors. With a THC concentration of 24%, users can expect a deeply relaxing and calming effect, perfect for evening relaxation. Its flavour and aroma profile is a delightful blend of strong diesel notes, garlic hints, and earthy undertones, making it a treat for the senses.

Auto Dark Purple

Auto Dark Purple is an exquisite autoflowering strain from Delicious Seeds, known for its sweet and fruity aroma. This strain is the result of a meticulous cross between the mighty OG Kush and a Purple Kush Auto. The latter was refined over several generations to achieve exceptional characteristics, making Auto Dark Purple a premium choice among Kush enthusiasts.

Mejor Auto Dark Purple
Auto Dark Purple

Auto Dark Purple is a predominantly Indica strain, showcasing the classic traits of its sub-genre, such as voluminous flowers and short internodal distances. The strain is compact, dense, and boasts a nearly perfect canopy with high fruiting. It completes its life cycle in about 60 days, making it a swift choice for those eager for a quick harvest. When it comes to production, Auto Dark Purple does not hold back. Indoors, it can yield up to 500 grams per square meter, and outdoors, each plant can produce up to 70 grams. With THC levels reaching up to 18%, this strain promises a relaxing and sedative effect, typical of Indica varieties. The organoleptic properties are highlighted by sweet and fruity aromas, with a terpene profile dominated by geraniol, ocimene, and guaiol.

Strawberry Gorilla Auto

Strawberry Gorilla Auto by Fast Buds is a remarkable strain that has set new standards in the world of autoflowering cannabis. This strain is a harmonious blend of the renowned Gorilla genetics with the sweet and fruity Strawberry, resulting in a match that can only be described as perfect. This strain is not just about its delightful flavour profile; it’s also a record-setter with its THC levels reaching up to an astounding 27%.

Strawberry Gorilla Auto
Strawberry Gorilla Auto

Strawberry Gorilla Auto seeds are known to produce gigantic autoflowering plants, with some reaching heights of up to 150cm. This strain has a balanced genetic makeup, leaning slightly towards the sativa side at 55%. Cultivating Strawberry Gorilla Auto is a breeze, thanks to its hybrid vigour and medium-sized leaves that sprout from large lateral branches. The strain’s leaf-to-flower ratio is commendable, making harvest tasks simpler and maximising yield potential. In just 10 weeks from planting, this strain can achieve heights of 150cm both indoors and outdoors. However, due to the dense nature of its flowers, it’s slightly more susceptible to fungal attacks. When it comes to production, Strawberry Gorilla Auto is a heavyweight, yielding up to 600g/m2 indoors and 300g per plant outdoors. The effects are a balanced blend of cerebral and physical sensations, starting with a heady rush and gradually transitioning to a body relaxation. The flavour profile is a complex mix of fruity strawberry notes complemented by hints of citrus and herbs.

Mimosa x Orange Punch Auto

Barney’s Farm introduces the Mimosa x Orange Punch Auto, a refreshing and vibrant strain that combines the best of both worlds. This autoflowering variant is a cross between the highly sought-after Mimosa Evo and the zesty Orange Punch. The result is a strain that not only offers a delightful sensory experience but also boasts of rapid growth and impressive yields.

mimosa x orange punch
Mimosa x Ponche Naranja Auto

The Mimosa x Orange Punch Auto seeds produce predominantly Indica plants that are compact yet highly productive. With a swift life cycle of just 65-70 days, growers can expect bountiful harvests in no time. The strain’s appearance is a visual treat, with large resinous flowers showcasing vibrant shades of purple and orange. Indoors, it can yield up to 500g/m2, while outdoor cultivation can produce a staggering 700g/m2. The strain’s aromatic properties are a delightful blend of citrus and sweetness, attributed to the terpenes beta-caryophyllene, linalool, and limonene. While the exact THC and CBD levels are not declared, given its genetic lineage, users can anticipate intense effects that invigorate the senses.

Super Lemon Haze Auto

Super Lemon Haze Auto by Greenhouse Seeds is an autoflowering variant that has successfully captured the essence of its photoperiod predecessor. This strain is a delightful blend of the iconic Super Lemon Haze and a robust Ruderalis. The outcome is an autoflowering marvel that retains the complex Sativa effects of the original variety, coupled with an unmistakably zesty lemon flavour.

Super Lemon Haze Auto
Super Lemon Haze Auto

Super Lemon Haze Auto is a strain that promises an invigorating experience for both growers and users. It maintains the special Sativa effects that kick in almost instantly, offering a clear cerebral high followed by a subtle body relaxation. For flavour enthusiasts, this strain is a treasure trove, replicating the intense lemon taste that lingers on the palate. It’s beginner-friendly, resilient to colder temperatures, and has minimal cultivation needs. However, it thrives best in temperatures above 10ºC. Whether under a 12-hour or 18-hour light cycle, this strain showcases its potency, especially under the latter. Indoors, it completes its flowering phase in just 7 weeks, with potential yields of up to 500g/m2. Outdoors, the flowering time remains consistent, but the yield can range between 70-80 grams per plant. This strain truly shines in outdoor settings, where its genetic potential is fully realised.

Auto MAC 1

Auto MAC 1 by Dutch Passion is a potent and high-quality autoflowering cannabis strain, boasting impressive buds laden with trichomes. This strain is a cross between the renowned Miracle Alien Cookies and Auto Think Different, resulting in a variety that showcases high THC levels, remarkable resin production, and superior extracts.

mejor automatica
Auto MAC 1

Auto MAC 1 is a true masterpiece in cannabis breeding, offering an unforgettable experience for both growers and connoisseurs. It’s a feminized autoflowering seed, a fast-flowering hybrid that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The complete cycle from seed to harvest spans about 10-12 weeks, slightly longer than other autos but well worth the wait given its top-tier quality. With its hybrid appearance and Indica compactness, Auto MAC 1 is a prolific producer of dense, frosty buds dripping with resin. This exceptional auto strain is also ideal for extract production, yielding vast amounts of high-quality hash. The trichome-rich flowers not only possess a captivating visual appeal but also pack a potent punch, with THC levels hovering around or exceeding 20%. The flavour profile is rich and complex, with earthy undertones and a lingering sweetness on the palate.

Critical Neville Haze Auto

Delicious Seeds presents the Critical Neville Haze Auto, a predominantly Sativa autoflowering strain that promises a unique and invigorating experience. This strain is the result of an intricate breeding process involving the Neville Haze Auto, Diavolo Auto, and the Critical Mass Auto. The outcome is a strain that boasts of its Sativa heritage while offering the convenience and speed of an autoflower.

Critical Neville Haze Auto
Critical Neville Haze Auto

Critical Neville Haze Auto is a strain that stands out for its impressive growth and production capabilities. With a life cycle spanning 80-85 days, this strain might take a bit longer than other autos, but the wait is well worth it. It can grow to significant heights, showcasing medium-sized flowers with a dense structure. The strain’s production potential is commendable, with indoor yields reaching up to 600g/m2 and outdoor yields going up to 400g per plant. But it’s not just about quantity; the quality is top-notch as well. With THC levels that can reach up to 21%, users can expect a stimulating and energising effect typical of Sativa strains. The aroma is a delightful blend of sweet Haze notes with hints from the Critical family, suggesting the presence of terpenes like linalool and geraniol.

Thank you for the kind words! I’m here to help. Let’s delve into the missing sections:

Reasons to Buy the Best Auto Seeds with Us

Choosing the right seed bank, and the right online shop. This is as crucial as selecting the perfect strain. Here’s why our collection of autoflowering seeds stands out and you should buy with us:

  1. Quality Assurance: Our seeds undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring you receive only the best genetics.
  2. Expert shopping Guidance: Our team of experts is always on hand to offer insights, tips, and advice tailored to your needs.
  3. Diverse Collection: We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of strains, catering to every palate, effect preference, and cultivation challenge.
  4. Discreet Shipping: Your privacy is paramount. Our packaging is discreet, ensuring your purchase remains confidential.
  5. Competitive Pricing: While we never compromise on quality, we believe in offering our seeds at prices that provide excellent value for money.
  6. Customer Support: From germination queries to harvest tips, our support team is just a call or email away.

Conserving Best Autoflowering Seeds

To reap the full benefits of your autoflowering seeds, proper storage is essential. Here’s how to ensure their longevity and potency:

  1. Cool Environment: Store your seeds in a cool place, ideally between 5-14°C.
  2. Darkness is Key: Light can degrade the quality of seeds. Always store them in a dark place or in opaque containers.
  3. Limit Moisture: Humidity can be detrimental. Use silica gel packets or rice to absorb any excess moisture in the storage container.
  4. Airtight Containers: Use airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags to prevent moisture and air from affecting the seeds.
  5. Regular Checks: Periodically inspect your seeds for signs of mould or any foul odour. If detected, remove the affected seeds immediately.

Legal Notice

Always stay informed and act responsibly. Cannabis laws vary widely from country to country, and even within regions of countries. While we provide the best quality autoflowering seeds for collectors and enthusiasts, it’s essential to:

  1. Know Your Local Laws: Before purchasing or cultivating, always familiarise yourself with the local regulations regarding cannabis.
  2. Intended Use: Our seeds are sold as collectible items. Any other use, including cultivation where not legal, is the responsibility of the buyer.
  3. Age Restrictions: You must be of legal age in your country or region to purchase from our site.
  4. No Liability: We hold no liability for the misuse of our products or for any legal issues that may arise due to local regulations.

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