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Cannabis seed preservation: Tips & Tricks

Seed saving is a very useful technique, as it allows farmers and gardeners to preserve genetic diversity by conserving rare strains and landraces. It is also interesting if you want to produce your own seeds, instead of relying on seed companies. By saving Cannabis seeds you keep your collection in perfect condition for later use. It also helps to ensure the availability of strains adapted to local conditions, which are better suited to the local growing environment and more likely to succeed in a given area.

Marijuana seeds preservation

Why save cannabis seeds?

Marijuana seeds are the genetic base of the Cannabis Sativa L. spice, the embryo where all the genetic information that will determine how the plant will be in terms of health, development and capacity to generate compounds is stored.

Cannabis seed saving is essential for any serious marijuana grower or collector, as it allows you to maintain the genetic integrity of your desired strains, optimize future yields and avoid the hassle of constantly buying new seeds. Properly stored cannabis seeds can remain viable for decades, and when stored under ideal conditions, can even exceed their advertised shelf life. Proper seed storage also allows you to maintain the most desirable traits of your favorite strain, such as aroma, flavor, THC/CBD ratios and effects, allowing you to create the perfect harvest with every grow.

How to select marijuana seeds?

When selecting marijuana seeds, it is important to choose seeds from reputable banks, as this will increase the chances of buying seeds that are of high quality and viable. Many online seed manufacturers offer different types of qualities, although sometimes knowing how to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones can be a headache. That is why from Experiencia Natural marijuana seeds we only work with the most reliable seed banks in the world, visit our online marijuana seeds store to see them all.

Tips for saving cannabis seeds

Once you have acquired the desired seeds, the next step is to store them properly for long-term preservation. The best way to store cannabis seeds is in a cool, dark and dry place, such as a refrigerator or freezer. We give you a list of all the requirements you have to follow, and then we explain them all one by one.

  1. Wipe the seed with a damp cloth.
  2. Dry the seed with a fine cotton cloth.
  3. Place in an airtight container.
  4. Store the airtight container in an opaque box.
  5. Put the opaque box in the refrigerator.

As you can see, preserving cannabis seeds is a simple process, you don’t need anything special or a refined technique, just follow a few simple steps with objects that you probably already have at home.

The first two steps are intended to remove plant debris, or any other debris that may be adhered to the seed. This part seems dispensable, but especially if we are going to keep the seed for a long time, it is highly recommended. Dirt can hide viruses or bacteria, which can attack the seed, both in the conservation process, as well as in later ones.

Seeds should be stored in an airtight container or sealed bag, from the typical zip-top ball, to TighVac jars or any other container you have around the house, to any vacuum container you have around the house that is appropriate for the size of the seed or seeds you are going to store. The less loose air left with the seed the better.

Storing the airtight container in an opaque box will also help to maintain the preserved environment of the seeds, as well as prevent light from entering and protect them from any contaminants.

preserving cannabis seeds

Optimal temperature for storing marijuana seeds

The optimum temperature for storing cannabis seeds is between 4-16°C. Any higher temperature can reduce the viability of the seed and thus its ability to germinate. It can also affect their genetic characteristics, which can be diminished. Excessive temperature is bad for seeds, degrading them and making them last less time. It can even be lethal, causing the embryo inside them to die.

Recommended humidity for storing cannabis seeds

The proper humidity for storing marijuana seeds is 35-55%. Any higher humidity can reduce genetic stability, as well as seed viability and germination ability. Too much humidity can cause seeds to become moldy, while too little can cause them to dry out, reducing their shelf life. Adequate ventilation is also crucial, as it helps keep the humidity level under control and prevents mold formation.

Seeds stored at this temperature and humidity will remain viable, and will retain their genetic properties in good condition for years, if not decades.

Variations of the conditions

Maintaining a good germination rate of cannabis seeds can be achieved by following all the indications we have given you so far. Although we must also take into account the variations in conditions, that is, the changes in humidity and temperature that they may suffer while they are stored.

If they are slight changes, there is no problem, the seed will not perceive them. In the case of moderate changes, there is usually nothing to worry about, as long as they are not continuous. For example, a seed that is sent from the producing bank to a customer, passes from an optimal conservation place to an uncontrolled one, until it reaches the hands of the other person, who must keep it again in good conservation conditions. But in case this person does not keep the seeds in the right place, they could start to degrade in the course of days. Finally, changes in extreme conditions are usually definitive for the seeds, for example exposure to strong sunlight for a few hours can kill all the viability of the seed.

Long-term conservation of ganja seeds

For long-term preservation, cannabis seeds should be stored in an airtight, sealed container and placed in the freezer, in addition to following the rest of the indications you have seen up to this point. And in addition to that, for long-term preservation, we must use a much lower temperature, for example, the freezer.

Placing cannabis seeds in the freezer (between -15 and -20°C) is an effective way to preserve them for long-term storage, however, it does carry certain risks. If improperly handled or shaken, the delicate frozen seed embryo tissues can be damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that only those with adequate equipment and experience use the freezer, and for most hobbyists, the refrigerator (4°C) is a suitable alternative.

Benefits of saving cannabis seeds

Saving cannabis seeds has numerous advantages. It allows you to maintain the genetic integrity of your desired strain, optimize future yields, and avoid the hassle of constantly buying new seeds. Storing cannabis seeds in ideal conditions can extend their shelf life for years, or even decades, ensuring you a reliable supply of your favorite strain. Proper seed storage also allows you to maintain the most desirable traits of your favorite strain, such as aroma, flavor, THC/CBD ratios and effects, allowing you to create the perfect crop with every harvest.

Risks of not saving cannabis seeds

Failure to store cannabis seeds can lead to a number of problems. Seeds stored in inadequate conditions, such as in direct light or at high temperatures, can lose their viability in as little as two weeks. In addition, seeds stored in humid environments can develop mold and become unusable. Improperly stored seeds can also result in lower quality harvests, as the genetic integrity of the seeds can be compromised. In addition, not saving cannabis seeds means that you will have to keep buying new seeds for each harvest, which can be costly over time.

What is the best way to store cannabis seeds?

For optimal storage of cannabis seeds, temperatures around 4°C (in the refrigerator) are recommended. Using an airtight, light-proof container with low humidity.

How long can marijuana seeds be stored?

When purchased from a reputable supplier, cannabis seeds should have a germination rate of 90% or higher, even after five years in the refrigerator. During this time and longer, most seeds should remain viable.

Is it possible to germinate a poorly preserved seed?

Yes, in some cases it is possible to germinate a poorly preserved seed, however, the probability of success is reduced to a minimum and a much more refined technique and execution are necessary.

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