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About Experiencia Natural

Cannabis seeds shop, also here you can find growing accessories and paraphernalia. Experiencia Natural was born in 2001 as a result of an idea and the small savings of my parents. Everything made here is with the idea that marijuana is an extraordinary plant and that we have to make people more aware of it.

I also decided to create the website www.experiencianatural.com at the very moment the shop was opened, in order to offer a quick way of access to the whole connected world.

To encourage this connection, with the help of a group of friends we started to organise the Espacionatural Days, which consisted of multidisciplinary artistic exhibitions, where we even organized a competition and showed elastic bridges between marijuana and art. This led to the participation of all kinds of artists, including, for example, a proposal for a musical composition dedicated to the beautiful plant.

Over the years, direct contact with our marijuana friends/customers has helped us to learn how to improve in order to be able to satisfy the needs that arise in our daily life. Thanks to this, in 2006 we decided to create this website www.semillas-de-marihuana.com.

This helped even more to connect us with a larger number of friends, who supported the unit sales and took advantage of the opportunity to get their hands on these hitherto unobtainable strains.

As a result of such a high demand for information, in 2006 we decided to create this blog in order to get in touch with the customer in a more direct way and to be able to solve their doubts with just one click. Through the blog we talk about everything related to the cultivation of marijuana. We present each bank and its varieties, today in our shop we have among others: Barney’s Farm, Sweet Seeds, Green House Seeds, Buddha Seeds, Eva Seeds, Dinafem, Pyramid, Sensi Seeds, Fast Buds, Lowlife, Joint Doctors, Cannabiogen, Dutch Passion, Advanced Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Serious Seeds, TH Seeds, Medical Seeds, Big Buddha SeedsHumboldt and many more…

We also keep our cannabis friends up to date with the most important news in the cannabis world, including updates on legislation and new developments.

We are currently working to improve our means of customer service and contact with the customer, which is why we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so we intend to universalize the concept of our virtual shop, showing a more complete catalogue of products updated to the current trends of the cannabis planet, and we present this website, very practical, concrete and easy to use to facilitate access and navigation to the visitor friend.

We have a lot of friends in Spain, and also in other countries around the world, whether Spanish, Portuguese or English speaking.

All these years have been very special for us because we have seen an idea grow and take shape little by little, and our illusions never disappear. All this supported directly by you, our customers and friends who give us daily ideas to improve.

From Experiencia Natural we thank you all for trusting us and do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need it.

As always, cannabic greetings!

Contact details

B32488199. Cabeza De Manzaneda 17, Ourense, ORENSE 32005. 988 222 327.


Email: pedidos[at]semillas-de-marihuana.com

Visit this link to access the page where we tell you the legal and service conditions.

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Author: Brais Nieto

Creando sonrisas desde 2001. Fundador de Experiencia Natural, creativo y emprendedor, máster grower, ADE y marketing. Por una normalización de todas las plantas y sustancias centrada en pacientes y usuarios.