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Cannabis Seedbanks

All about the most famous cannabis breeders and theis seedbanks

The marijuana seedbanks are those companies that are dedicated to the search, selection, breeding, preservation, creation of new strains and their sale, they exist since the 80’s and the first to be constituted was The Seed Bank, known today as Sensi Seeds, with its base located in Holland.

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In Semillas de Marihuana Experiencia Natural we have the best marijuana seedbanks in the world, whether you are looking for feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds or the most appreciated regular seeds. In total we offer you more than 50 banks and 1000 different strains in our online shop for your enjoyment.

In this category you will find all the articles related to Cannabis SeedBanks available in Experiencia Natural. From this page you can learn more about the history and philosophy of the best breeders. If you already know them and what you are looking for is a place to buy visit our store in the section of the best marijuana seedbanks.