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Cannabis History

Historic cannabis milestones and the characters behind

The story of cannabis told in small stories, small articles about the landmarks that took place in the history of the cannabis plant and its human uses. Many of these stories you may have heard about, some you may even know, but there are certainly others where we can surprise you.

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Cannabis is the oldest plant used by humans, as the records show. Marijuana has been considered a sacred plant for thousands of years. This cult plant has been used in medicine, ritual and/or recreation by many indigenous cultures until today. Cannabis is controversial due to its legal classification and various properties useful to humans.

In this section we talk about curiosities like the proven antiquity of marijuana, particularities about the plant. How are the best known cannabis varieties and many other interesting questions about marijuana came to light. We also talk about the relationship between art, music, films, comics and marijuana.

You can also discover phrases about cannabis and other substances, commented on by famous people. Leave us your comments on the articles and leave your opinion with the stars, help us to improve!