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DIY with Cannabis!

Monographs, techniques and forms of preparation related to altered states of consciousness

DIY “Do it yourself” category, i.e. techniques and preparations that have become famous on the Internet and now are published here just for informational purposes. In this section you can find various preparations, from techniques to tricks and curiosities, all related to the cannabis plant or to the world of psychoactive substances. Here you can find all the theory behind certain preparations that exist for cannabis or the consciousness altered states.

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You can also find here articles in the form of monographs on objects that are part of the users’ usual accessories, where the whole theory behind each one is revealed.

These articles are only informative and/or illustrative, in no case we want to encourage, promote or affirm that you can or you should do it at your home. Each person must respect their laws and the law of common sense before doing any of the things described here. In case of doubt consult a legal expert who specializes in cannabis plants or psicoachtive substances that may be prohibited.

Experiencia Natural cannabis seeds shop is not responsible for the possible inconveniences that may arise from the information shared in this blog.