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Cannabis Activism

Legality and activism for the cannabis normalization

You want to know what the legal status of marijuana is? In this section of the Experiencia Natural Blog we put at your disposal articles related to Cannabis normalization, changes in the regulations or events related to the legality of marijuana.

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Within this category of Cannabis Activism you can be updated about of the actions being taken to legalize marijuana worldwide, associationism, activism and all the advances on the legalization of marijuana.

We also talk about the lives of famous people who have left their mark on history, becoming decisive to the point of changing their course. These characters may be scientists, who with their discoveries have brought new things to science. Or they can also be thinkers or creative people who were the first to develop certain currents of thought, often under the effects of psychoactive substances.

Check out our marijuana legalisation articles selection in various countries around the world and leave us your comments to improve the information we offer.