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Cannabis Recipes

Discover our delicious marijuana recipes, simple and varied preparations to surprise your friends or give you a fun and delicious moment, with a special ingredient, marijuana. Consuming Cannabis orally not only makes the material is better used, also the effects produce greater intensity, and not cause any of the risks associated with smoking.

When marijuana consumption is for medicinal use it is only recommended to took it in a healthy way, it is highly recommended always to take the Cannabis ingested, since with a disease the negative effects of smoking can be amplified.

In this section you can find all kind of delicious marijuana recipes, starters, main courses or desserts, as well as drinks or coktalis. Access all marijuana recipes by clicking on any of the categories or directly to the latest articles published below. And remember the golden rule of cannabic cooking, try a little bit and wait at least half an hour to try again, this gives us greater security to get the right amount to take for each person.

Cannabis drinks & coktails