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Marijuana infusion easy recipe

There are many people who, because of their conditions, are not tolerant to smoke Cannabis, either for health or for pleasure there are people who prefer a good Cannabis infusion, which is a very healthy way to consume this plant. In this article you can read a recipe on how to make an infusion of marijuana easily.

Easy marijuana infusion
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How to make a marijuana infusion?

We have to warn that taking a marijuana infusion provides different effects compared to when it is smoked or vaporized, it should be noted that the effects are usually much long lasting and more psychedelic, plus the effect takes longer to show up, and this could be a risk factor for excessive doses. That’s why you have to be careful and wait for the effects at least one hour after taking the marijuana infusion, never do any more doses until this hour has passed.

The ingredients for an infusion of marijuana are only a few, but it is necessary to emphasize that we need to add fat, the cannabinoids remain stuck to the fats, for that reason it is mandatory to use one. This is why the infusion can be made with whole cow’s milk, which contains fat where the cannabinoids remain or it can be made with water and in this case you have to add fat, for example butter. For vegetarians and vegans the more suitable options are olive oil and, of course, hemp oil.

Ingredients for a Cannabis infusion

It is one of the simplest recipes with marijuana and to simplify it even more we will make it with water, it is only necessary a little bit of marijuana and a fat. You also need a strainer and things like that, but we’re guessing you have something in your kitchen, right? Then you can add some more ingredients, to your taste! You know, if you have milk and you prefer it, you can use milk instead water. Here it is, the ingredients list, enough for 3 or 4 doses:

  • Marijuana, how much? is very subjective, depends on many factors, quality, quantity, tolerance… The higher the quality, the less quantity and the greater the tolerance, opposite, the more the quantity. In case of doubt always start with a very small piece, 0.5 grams. The approximate size of this weight can vary between 1cm2 and 2cm2.
  • 1 litre of water, or as mentioned above if you prefer, 1 litre of milk, in the latter case whole cow’s milk, which has the fats to dissolve the cannabinoids. (no need to add the butter anymore).
  • 10 grams of a fat, for example butter, only for those more heavy consumers may also prefer to use marijuana butter, different from hemp oil, as it has psychoactive effects.
  • 1 strainer
  • 1 cup (better with a handle to don’t burn the fingers).
  • 1 teaspoon
  • Sugar (if you want) we recommend bee honey

Instructions for making a marijuana infusion

  1. To start we have to grind the marijuana, to let it crushed as small as possible, to achieve it the most recommendable thing is to use a weed grinder, the one that leaves it more well gutted and spongy is the electric grinder.
  2. Next we have to boil the water (or the milk if you prefer), remember that it is a liter, better with slow fire, everything tastes better with slow fire and preserve the properties more. But we’re not going to throw out the marijuana yet!
  3. When the liquid you were heating boils, turn off the fire, take the strainer and cup. Place the strainer inside the cup so that it is well inserted into the cup.
  4. Put the marijuana for the infusion in the strainer, put the fat on top.
  5. Pour the boiled water into the cup, passing through the strainer, so that the water melts the fat and it drags the cannabinoids to the infusion.
  6. Cover the cup with a rag or plate.
  7. Wait 5 minutes and carefully, it may be hot, uncover it. This time should be enough for all cannabinoids to have passed into the Cannabis infusion.
  8. Remove the strainer with the vegetable remains and dispose them.
  9. Put sugar, if you like, infusion with honey or stevia.

And enjoy a healthy for many people and fun for another marijuana infusion. We recommend you to visit our recipes with marijuana section to continue reading or leave your message to give us your comments.

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Marijuana infusion easy recipe
Marijuana infusion easy recipe Receta para hacer una infusión de marihuana fácilmente. Solo se necesitan unos pocos ingredientes, es sencilla y rápida de preparar.
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