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Best Dutch Cannabis Seed Banks

The Dutch seed banks are responsible for some of the most popular Cannabis strains. This is partly due to the fact that personal Cannabis use is allowed in the Netherlands. But it is also due to their long tradition, as most of them were established decades ago. In today’s article we will show you the best dutch cannabis seed banks. This list has been done by analysing the history and the strains of the dutch seedbanks.

The Best Dutch Cannabis Seed Banks

The Netherlands has been gather most of the great pioneers of legal marijuana for a very long time. Thus, in this country, marijuana personal use has been decriminalized since the 1970s. This legalization created a great positive climate for the creation and expansion of numerous cannabis seed banks.

In fact, Dutch seed banks have been internationally praised for their good work in documenting, preserving and creating new premium quality cannabis seeds. Much of the credit for Dutch breeders and growers comes from their good work in travelling around the world selecting the best seeds. In many cases these seeds were simply conserved, selecting the best descendants; while in other cases 2 or more international genetics were combined to obtain new strain with optimized characteristics. For example, seeds that give rise to more resistant, productive and powerful plants…

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion es uno de los mejores bancos de semillas holandeses.

Dutch Passion is one of the oldest seed banks in the Netherlands. This institution was founded in 1987 in the city of Amsterdam. Its creator, Henk van Dalen collected and cultivated Cannabis seeds from all over the world for decades. As a result of this research, he was able to create a reserve of top quality international seeds from all over the world: the foundation of Dutch Passion.

One of the words that best define the work of this Dutch seed bank is “pioneers“. This is because Dutch Passion were the first seedbank to introduce the feminized Cannabis seeds on the market. This milestone made easier growing marijuana and allowed less experienced growers to succeed in their crops.

Some of Dutch Passion’s most popular and collected marijuana seeds are the next ones: Blueberry, a mythical seed from the 1990s obtained by the also mythical DJ Short. Also, noteworthy is his Mazar, a classic seed specimen with resistance and widely used in obtaining new generation seeds.

Sensi Seeds

Uno de los mejores bancos de semillas de Holanda en Sensi Seeds por su amplio catálogo.

To talk about the best Dutch seed banks in the Netherlands is to talk, in part, about Sensi Seeds, who, like Dutch Passion, played a pioneer role of in a still-to-be-formed cannabis seed industry. Sensi Seeds history dates back to 1985 and the person leading the project is Ben Dronkers: activist, philanthropist and the owner of one of the largest and most varied Cannabis seeds brands in the world.

Sensi Seeds’ work stands out from that of other banks because of its mythical seed catalogue. Sensi Seeds is possibly the Dutch seed bank with the oldest varieties. These come from seeds that Dronkers collected during his travels and which he would later use to obtain new top quality strains.

It is difficult to choose only 2 Sensi strains to highlight here, however, the Skunk #1 strain is a product of combining and selecting the best Skunk hybrids in the world. Also worth mentioning is her Jack Herer, one of the first seeds to be 50% balanced between Indica and Sativa.

Green House

En Greenhouse Seeds son uno de los mejores bancos de semillas holandeses con variedades de todo el mundo.

The next stop on the list of the best banks in the Netherlands is the Green House Seed Company. This is another of the most popular and pioneering companies in the market. It was founded in 1985 by Arjan Roskam, a traveler that became amazed by the marijuana strains he discovered on a trip to Thailand.

On his return home Roskam applied the knowledge he had gained in Thailand and began working with the first Sativa genetics grown in the Netherlands. Over the lasts decades Green House and Roskam have become very well known, in part because of the Strain Hunters documentary series in which he and the sadly deceased Franco Loja travelled the world in search of the best Cannabis seeds.

Without a doubt, Roskam’s work with the Haze family is noteworthy, and the Super Silver Haze stands out for its effects and huge production, even though it’s not an easy strain to grow. What is, and is accompanied by a lot of resin, is the Himalaya Gold, another of the best Green House strains ever.

Barneys Farm

Barney's Farm es uno de los mejores bancos de semillas de Holanda con genéticas únicas.

Amongst the best seedbanks in Holland, Barneys Farm and its creator, Derry, stand out. This seed visionary settled in the Himalayas during the 1980s, where he documented and saved landrace strains that he brought to Amsterdam to begin the search of the best phenotype.

Once in Amsterdam, Derry did a lot of work with seeds from both East and West Asian regions. The result is a catalogue full of different strains from all over the world that are often awarded in the HTCC and other cannabis competitions.

Again, choosing the best seed from Barney’s Farm, one of the best seed banks in Holland, is a difficult task. But the Acapulco Gold, descended from the noble Mexican Sativa heirloom lineage, and LSD, one of the most psychedelic and exquisite tasting seeds, stand out.

TH Seeds

TH Seeds destaca dentro de los mejores bancos de semillas de Holanda por sus variedades medicinales.

TH Seeds is another of the best Dutch seed banks ever. It is a bank with tradition, which opened its doors in 1993. Behind the project are Adam and Doug, two Cannabis enthusiasts who have built an excellent reputation by breeding the best quality Cannabis seeds for decades, with all the quality expected from the best Dutch seed banks.

From their home base Adam and Doug built one of the 1990’s Cannabis epicentres. Amsterdam was one of the Cannabis capitals at the time, and the TH Seeds founders instructed and trained young people who came to their location to work with them creating some of the best cannabis strains.

Their Bubblegum is one of the most popular seeds in their extensive catalogue, available in regular and also in the feminized version. Also noteworthy is their variety Darkstar, an old-school Indica high quality strain.

Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds es uno de lo bancos de semillas holandeses más prestigiosos

Another one of the Holland best seed banks with more tradition is Serious Seeds. Its creator, Simon, founded the bank in 1994, after gaining much experience in collecting Cannabis seed genetics from around the world. It was one of his trips to South Africa, when he started to feel a real interest in the Cannabis plant.

Simon and his team are indebted to some of the most popular seed varieties from around the world. These come from the combination and genetic selection of the best specimens, which earned him a very large place in the best Dutch seed banks in history.

To speak of the best Serious Seeds strains is to speak of the Ak 47, one of the most awarded strains ever. Also, noteworthy is their Kali Mist, one of the most appreciated Sativa varieties.

DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics es uno de los mejores bancos de semillas de Holanda con genéticas americanas.

DNA Genetics was founded in 2004 by Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni in Amsterdam. Although it is one of the best seed banks in Holland today, the founders of this house are very American. This is because its creators focused on developing the best Cannabis seeds from the American West Coast.

Today, DNA Genetics is one of the biggest corporations in the world cannabis seeds market and has trade agreements with several countries. Thus, the first gram of legal marijuana sold in a dispensary in Canada belonged to DNA Genetics.

One of the most outstanding varieties in DNA Genetics’ catalogue is the Kosher Kush, one of the jewels of the Kush strains. Another of their most collected seeds is the Tangie, a seed with exclusive genetics and deep citric aroma.

This was all folks! Did you enjoy our article? continue the reading with 2020 Most powerful strains or the 2020 Best autoflowering strains.

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