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LSD marijuana is a very powerful strain containing 24% of THC concentration. It is very easy to grow and suitable for all cultivation methods. LSD has a complex and strong aroma and flavor and a happy and euphoric high.


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Feminized LSD Marijuana seeds

LSD is a feminized Marijuana strain that is very sought since it thrives very well in all cultivation conditions yielding always great outcomes without any special care. It provides a strong effect and in 2008 won the High Times Marijuana Cup in Indica category.

The most common indica dominant phenotype of LSD reach heights ranging from about 60 to 70 centimeters being robust and resistant. The sativa dominant phenotype however tend to grow more slowly. In general, LSD develops a fairly amount of solid lateral branches but despite you can put the plants close to each ohter without any problem. You grow several LSD seed you should be attentive to the sex of each plant as some hermaprhodites can be present even in feminized seeds.

This plant is very easy to grow being an ideal choice for beginner growers. It requires few amounts of fertilizers but tolerates fairly well the excesses or shortages of fertilizer. Nesides that, it is resistant to fungus and mold and is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Under optimal conditions, LSD can yields 600g per square meter. This great productivity makes it the perfect choice for commercial growers. LSD also produces large buds acquiring a triangular shape all along the lateral branches. In this way, we recommend to give it some kind of support leke meshes or sticks. You can collect the crop after 8 weeks of flowering although in some conditions this strain can take another two weeks.

We do not recommend to prune it much alhtough a central pruning or even a supercropping can be applied to potentiate its performance. This strain thrive very well in Screen of Green (ScrOG) or in Sea of ​​Green (SOG).

LSD has a complex and powerful aroma and taste like fruits mixed with cítrics, gasoline and skunk with a chemical touch.

Although being indica dominant, LSD has a very high level of THC (24%) and provides a happy and euphoric effect stimulating the creativity. At the body level, this effect can be restlessness and nervousness. At the cerebral level, the high is more energetic although it can cause some spatial disorientation being quite psychedelic.

Main characteristics of LSD Marijuana:


Indoor and outdoor

Genotype: hybrid, Indica dominance

THC 24% CBD: 1.3%

Genetics: Skunk # 1 x Mazar

Flowering: 65 to 70 days

Crop: late September


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