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2020 Best Autoflowering Strains: The Top 7

Today we bring you one of the most awaited 2020 ranks: the 2020 best autoflowering strains. The autoflowering marijuana seeds are suitable for fast growing, small spaces or when there is not enough light to work with photoperiodic varieties.

To select this best 2020 autoflowering marijuana we have looked at such important characteristics as flowering speed, resistance, yield, power and aroma. All with the purpose of making the 2020 best autoflowering marijuana ranking.

2020 Best Autoflowering Marijuana 2020

Talking about autoflowering marijuana is synonymous of fast plants. This means that it only takes a few weeks from planting to harvesting, and it can also be grown off season. These autoflowering seeds can be perfectly suited for both outdoor and indoor use.

Auto Gorilla 00

We start this best autoflowering marijuana for 2020 list with the Auto Gorilla 00, one of the 00 seed bank best strains. It is a variety that can produce many cannabinoids, a huge amount of them that could be to be taken from a photoperiodic plant.

To create the Gorilla Auto, the 00 Seeds breeders have combined a Gorilla genotype with a Ruderalis, which provides the autoflowering capacity.

Maximizar el rendimiento de las autos es asequible para cualquier cultivador.

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This is a hybrid genetic which, despite being an autoflowering strain, shows a fairly high size with vigorous growth. In this way, the Auto Gorilla from 00 Seeds can reach 150 cm high outdoors, without exceeding 100 cm indoors. One of its main characteristics is its huge resin proliferation.

This strain will be ready to be harvested in a maximum of 75 days from the germination. And now you will understand why it is on the list of the best autoflowering marijuana of 2020, because in this short time it can produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 150 grams per plant outdoors.

Finally, its active cannabinoids can reach up to 25% of THC, with energetic effects that may be suitable for socialicing. Its aroma is very remarkable, as it has complex pine and lemon mixed touches.

Lemon Pie Auto

To talk about the best autoflowering marijuana of 2020 without naming some new strains from the Fast Buds seed bank would not be a good job. That’s why we’ve selected the Lemon Pie Auto strain as one of this year’s best automatic strains, and we have several reasons for doing so.

It’s a sucessfull genetic experiment that comes from crossing a magnificent Lemon Pie with a ruderalis, and this results in a plant that could be suitable for almost any place. In this way, this seed is able to offer anyone who grows it generous harvests of powerful flowers with a unique aroma.

It has Indica dominance, therefore it develops a short plant, bushy and is never growing more than 100 cm high. It is a discreet plant, perfect for small spaces.

La lemon pie es dulce y es una de la mejor marihuana autofloreciente 2020

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This is an easy to grow and resistant strain that it will be ready to produce up to 550 grams per square meter indoors and up to 200 grams per plant in outdoor crops in just 8 weeks. This makes it one of the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020 with the highest production.

It can produce up to 24% of THC, with mainly relaxing effects. Finally, it has citrus aromas, combined with pine and a paraffin touch.

Six Shooter

We can’t leave out another Fast Buds variety that dazzled the crowds in 2019 and that couldn’t be missing from our list of the best autoflowering marijuana seeds of the 2020. The Six Shooter, an impeccable genetic breeding work by the Fast Buds seed bank.

The Six Shooter lineage belongs to Mexico and such exquisite varieties as Mexican Airlines and Crystal Meth Auto were crossed for its genetics. The latter is responsible for the fast autoflowering capacity without losing an ounce of production capacity.

To be an auto strain, this is a tall plant, as it can reach up to 140 cm high and with a vigorous growth. Like other strains from Mexico, its structure includes a large central bud, accompanied by several tails of lateral buds with few leaves and quite a lot of flowers. It also shows good resin production ability.

COn Six Shoot obtendrás potencia y producción a partes iguales.

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The main reason why we rescued this strain for the list of the 2020 best autoflowering strains is its production. The Six Shooter shows the typical production results of the most productive photo-dependents varieties. It can produce up to 750 grams per square meter indoors and up to 400 grams per plant outdoors. All this in just 63 days of a complete life cycle.

This is a seed that can give rise to very powerful plants, which can concentrate up to 21% THC and will provide typical Sativa effects with large doses of energy. It also has a dense incense and pine aroma.

Strawberry Pie Auto

We continue with the best autoflowering marijuana from 2020 with another excellent Fast Buds release. The Strawberry Pie Auto strain it is one of the most powerful non photoperiodic plants that exist and all this maintaining a full life cycle of around 8 weeks.

The parents responsible for so much power and speed are American Strawberry Pie and an exclusive Ruderalis strain. The result is a plant with impressive colours and a low height that makes it the best ally for discreet crops. The use of low stress techniques such as LST can be done to get all the production of this plant which, as we will see now, is very impressive.

La Strawberry es una cepoa apreciada por su potencia y sabor

Buy Strawberry Pie Auto

In this way, Strawberry Pie Auto can produce up to 650 grams per square meter indoors, while outdoors it will produce, under optimal conditions, up to 200 grams per plant. Without doubt, this one of the main reasons why this strain is on the list of the best auto-flowering marijuana 2020, although not the only one.

Thus, this plant stands out among automatic strains for being easy to grow and its cannabinoids production capacity. It is one of the most powerful strains on the list, the Fast Buds breeders has even recorded up to 26% of THC on testings.

The effects that could produce are mainly relaxing. Finally, its aroma has an strong fruity and sweet component, accompanied by biscuit aromas and a slight touch of pine and paraffin.

Gorilla Girl XL

The Gorilla Girl XL is the higher THC seed from Sweet Seeds and also could give excellent production. The Sweet Seeds breeders quest for a powerful and equally productive strain has resulted in one of the best autoflowering strains this year.

To bred the Gorilla Girl XL, strains known for their power and capacity to generate resin have been crossed. In this case, a combination of a feminized Gorilla Girl with a Sweet Gelato Auto is responsible for the strain we are dealing with, an excellent resin maker.

It is a medium-high height plant, which will hardly exceed 120 cm in height. It is a suitable seed for beginners because easy to grow and resistant. Furthermore, it is especially recommended for collectors who want powerful and productive cannabis strains in a 9-week maximum life cycle.

La gorilla girl es una de la mejor marihuana autofloreciente 2020

Buy Gorilla Girl XL

But without a doubt, the main reason why the Gorilla Girl XL is on the list of the best autoflowering marijuana from 2020 is its amount of cannabinoids. This strain can produce up to 25% THC, providing very balanced psychoactive effects between the physical and cerebral, which is common in the Gorilla cannabis strains.

As mentioned above, her production is not far behind either and she can produce up to 160 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. Finally, its fragrance has very intense organoleptic properties that reveal aromas of fruit, citrus and earthy notes.

LSD Auto

Barney’s Farm is another of those banks that are always looking for a place in the list of the best auto-flowering marijuana seeds. In this case, despite being a 2019 specimen, it deserves a place here too among this year’s best auto strains. We are talking about LSD Auto, the fast, with possible psychoactive effects and Skunk genes.

LSD Auto is the result of a cross between an LSD and a Super Magnum Auto, varieties with excellent yields and which have nothing to envy to photodependent varieties. The result is an extremely fast strain, with very good yield and possible psychoactive effects.

It has an average height of 120 cm, and is able to show its full potential in only 63 days of life cycle.

La LSD es una de la mejor marihuana autofloreciente 2020

Buy LSD Auto

Barney’s Farm doesn’t provide the exact amount of cannabinoids, although this Indica-dominant strain is called LSD for a reason.

In addition to its potential, the LSD Auto makes the list of the best autoflowering marijuana strains of 2020 because of her good production capacity. In the short life span of this plant, up to 600 grams per square meter could be obtained indoors and up to 400 grams per plant outdoors. All this is accompanied by an aroma reminiscent of Skunk, with hints of citrus and wet soil.

Crystal Candy XL

We finish the list of the best autoflowering strains of 2020 with another Sweet Seeds variety, one of our reference seed banks. In this case, this bank surprises us with its Crystal Candy XL, a strain that stands out for its flavour.

To bred the Crystal Candy XL, the breeders of Sweet Seeds selected the most productive specimens of Crystal Candy Auto. A meticulous work that results in one of the most expected strains of the year. An Indica dominance autoflowering strain.

The Crystal Candy XL has a very fast flowering speed, as in only 8 weeks it will be able to show its full potential. However, bear in mind that it is a tall strain, as it can reach up to 140 cm, so its size must be taken into account.

Las Crystal es un ejemplar resinoso de mejor marihuana autofloreciente 2020

Buy Crystal Candy XL

The production capacity of this one of the best autoflowering strains is very high. It can therefore produce up to 650 grams per square metre indoors and up to 300 grams per plant.

The Crystal Candy XL has a high THC concentration of around 19% which makes it a powerful strain. It also could provide balanced effects between physical and mental. Finally, its fragrance is sweet similar to chewing gum, fruit and ripe melon. A real organoleptic experience.

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Best Autoflowering Strains 2020: Top 7
Best Autoflowering Strains 2020: Top 7 Discover the 2020 best autoflowering marijuana strains, the ranking of the best seeds of this year is already available here.
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