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The Best 2020 Outdoor Strains: The Top 5

If you have come this far, you are probably interested in known which one is 2020 best outdoor marijuana. In today’s article we bring you the best 5 outdoor strains for this year 2020. You will find that each strain stands out for numerous characteristics and all are magnificent with highly appreciated properties. Outdoor growing is the most natural way of planting marijuana, directly using the unparalleled sunlight light.

2020 Best Outdoor Marijuana: The Top 5

As we always indicate in all our rankings, the 5 strains of the best 2020 outdoor marijuana that we are going to talk about here are a selection we make based on the new seeds on the market. So you won’t find any great old marijuana strains, which we already know are excellent, but have no place on a list of new ones for the 2020.

Tropicanna Poison FV

We start the list of the 2020 best outdoor marijuana with one of the most expected and colourful novelties from Sweet Seeds, one of the most established seed banks in the cannabis community. The Tropicanna Poison Fast Version is a red coloured, ultra-fast marijuana with a unique appearance and outstanding properties.

As is the trend this year,  the origin of Tropicanna Poison genetics comes from North America because its parents are Tropicanna Cookies and Red Poison Auto. The Tropicanna part provides the organoleptic properties and the psychoactive power, while the second half of the genetics is what gives it the attractive red colour and unparalleled fast flowering.

La tropicana es una marihuana de color rojo y muy apreciada por los cultivadores.

That’s why the Tropicanna Poison deserves a place in the list of the best outdoor marijuana, because of its colour and power. Such is its potency, that outdoors it can produce up to 24% THC, providing very balanced psychoactive effects and pulling towards a more mental and relaxing effect.

The Tropicanna Poison production is high. In this way, it can reach up to 600 grams per square meter and up to 650 grams per plant in the case of outdoor growing.

Its aroma does not disappoint, as it has a complex but exquisite biscuits flavor, also it is possible to find sweetness and a skunky aftertaste, combined with wood and mango. In short, a powerful strain, easy to grow, with fast flowering and excellent aroma.

Fast Gorilla 00

The best outdoor marijuana can be the one that flowers the fastest and still keeps all the properties. This is the case of Fast Gorilla from the 00 seed bank. This is a strain developed by 00 Seeds, a team that specializes in offering the best feminized fast flowering cannabis strains.

If you are a Gorilla lover, you know humid climates run the risk of getting too much rain and buds can start to rot. But thanks to the genetic combination of the Gorilla and a 00 Seeds automatic strain, it is possible to grow this strain even in rainy places with cold temperatures.

La Gorilla es una cepa de Cannabis que merece estar en la lista de la mejor marihuana de exterior 2020.

It is an intermediate-sized hybrid, ranging in size from 100 cm indoors to 250 cm outdoors. Outdoors, as you can see, it has a significant height, so it is advisable to consider controlling it. All this brings very generous yields, offering up to 1200 grams per plant outdoors and 600 grams per square meter indoors.

Now you will understand why it is in the selection of the best outdoor marijuana for 2020, since in a very short flowering, it is able to maintain very high production levels. Outdoors, it also achieves marvellous production figures, harvesting a month before the end of the summer.

The Fast Gorilla 00 effects are very powerful, not in vain it is a strain that can reach 25% of THC. Also, the 00 seed bank reports cheerful and somewhat euphoric effects. Its aroma is typical of the Gorilla strains, highlighting the damp soil, pine and lemon.

Gorilla Girl Fast Version

We continue the list of the best outdoor marijuana 2020 with the Gorilla Girl Fast Version, another of the newest Sweet Seeds strains belonging to the Sweet F1 fast line. This is a 60% Sativa hybrid strain, so it can provide more energetic effects than other strains on this list.

The famous Gorilla Girl Californian strains and an auto-flowering version of Sweet Gelato are responsible for the creation of the Gorilla Girl Fast Version, a perfect outdoor strain with good bud proliferation, and powerful resin. Thanks to some auto genetics inherit in it, it’s able to flower so fast.

La Gorilla Girl es una cepa rápida que se encuentra entre la mejor marihuana de exterior 2020.

Best of all, the Sweet Seeds team has been able to dramatically shorten the Gorilla original flowering time while maintaining all the properties untouched. In this way, Gorilla Girl Fast Version reaches up to 25% of THC in its buds. In addition, its slight Sativa dominance makes the effects balanced and slightly energetic.

In just 7 weeks of flowering time, the Gorilla Girl Fast Version is able to produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoors the harvesting time arrives about 3 weeks before the end of summer, producing up to 600 grams per plant.

Its mainly fruity aroma, has mainly hints of citrus and wood. Its aroma and taste are not very dense, which makes it a not so much smelly variety.

Fast Green Crack

The next in the list of the 2020 best outdoor marijuana belongs to the Humboldt seed bank, where the best strains from Humboldt County can be found. This is the quick version of the famous Green Crack strain. A powerful, fast and productive variety.

Fast Green Crack genetic origin is the original Green Crack combined with a Green Crack Auto. The result is a fast plant that keeps almost all properties of the original version. It is one of the best 2020 outdoor marijuana hybrids, with a slight Indica dominance (60%).

However, the growth of Fast Green Crack looks more like a Sativa plant. Therefore, outdoors can reach 2.5 meters in height without problems. Her buds are long and with a wide internodal distance.

Her effects are powerful but balanced and stable. It can produce up to 18% of THC with a predominantly Indica effect. However, its effects are not narcotic either, they are lighter and could be suitable for stress relief.

Finally, its aroma is complex and highly appreciated, highlighting sweet and spicy hints.

Quick Critical +

We finish the 2020 best outdoor marijuana ranking with one of the fastest strains ever, the Quick Critical +. It is presented to us by Dinafem Seeds. This is a hybrid marijuana with excellent flavour and potency.

Behind the genetics of this variety we find a Critical + with a Critical + Auto. As you can see, this backcrossing technique with the same genetics is very popular for getting fast flowering marijuana varieties.

The Quick Critical + is a plant that adapts well to complicated climates. Its flowering time of just a few weeks indoors makes it one of the fastest photodependent strains. But outdoors it also shows quick harvests, allowing it to be collected 2 weeks before the end of the summer.

Quick Critical + production is simply excellent. In its short flowering time it is able to produce up to 600 grams per square metre outdoors. But let’s not forget about outdoors, which is what we are dealing with today, and where it can produce up to 1250 grams per plant.

Its effects are powerful and mainly bodily. It reaches up to 20% THC, so it is a psychoactive experience that can be classified as relaxing and intense.

Finally, its aroma does not leave anything to be desired either. It has mostly Skunk aroma, mixed with a strong predominance of citrus notes. This makes it a very pleasant marijuana that does not develop much tolerance. Its taste is subtle and light.

This has been all our content on the best outdoor marijuana 2020, we hope you have enjoyed it. If you think that we left a variety out, please comment on it in the section below. And if you liked this article continue the reading with the 2020 Most Powerful Marijuana.

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