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New line of Fast Buds Fast Flowering seeds

Surely you know the Fast Buds seed bank, famous for being the creators of the best automatic seeds on the market. Not satisfied with this work, they have started to develop a line of fast flowering feminized photoperiod seeds, the Fast Buds FF or Fast Buds Fast Flowering. We tell you all about this novelty!

What is Fast Buds Fast Flowering?

Fast Buds Fast Flowering is a new line of seeds created by Fast Buds, a leading company in the cultivation of high yielding cannabis. This new line of seeds offers fast flowering cannabis strains, with the same quality of genetics and production that Fast Buds usually offers, but without being autoflowering.

These new strains have a reduced flowering cycle, which means that growers can obtain harvests faster. Fast Buds Fast Flowering has been designed to meet the demand of growers looking for fast flowering photoperiod cannabis strains.

Advantages of Fast Flowering

Fast Buds Fast Flowering seeds offer a number of advantages for growers. These strains have a much shorter flowering time than traditional strains. This means that growers can obtain quality cannabis harvests in a much shorter time. These strains also offer a very high harvest yield, which means that growers can get bigger harvests in less time. In addition, these strains also have a higher disease and pest resistance, which means that growers will have better control over their crop.

What strains are there?

Fast Buds Fast Flowering offers a variety of cannabis strains of the highest quality and fast flowering. These varieties include Wedding Cheesecake FF, Purple Lemonade FF, Orange Sherbet FF, Gorilla Cookies FF, GG4 Sherbet FF and Tropicana Cookies FF. These varieties have been selected for their high yield, disease and pest resistance, and shorter flowering time.


Wedding Cheesecake FF
Buy Wedding Cheesecake FF

Wedding Cheesecake FF is a fast flowering XXL hybrid. It offers a potent 25% THC and a sweet, doughy and fruity taste. It is very resistant and perfect for extractions.


Purple Lemonade FF
Buy Purple Lemonade FF

Purple Lemonade FF by Fast Buds is a fast flowering stable hybrid with lots of high quality citrus terpenes and amazing purple colors. The perfect choice for purple hashish and extractions.


Orange Sherbet FF
Buy Orange Sherbet FF

Orange Sherbet FF by Fast Buds is a fast-flowering, perfect and stable hybrid strain with a balanced effect, delicious orange terpenes and an incredibly high THC level.


Gorilla Cookies FF
Buy Gorilla Cookies FF

Gorilla Cookies FF is a fast-flowering feminized cannabis seed created by Fast Buds. It is a non-autoflowering, potent and powerful strain with a very complex aroma and up to 29% THC.


GG4 Sherbet FF
Buy GG4 Sherbet FF

Now available in Experiencia Natural the seeds GG4 Sherbet FF from the famous American bank Fast Buds. With a capacity to generate up to 27% THC in only 7 weeks of flowering.


Tropicana Cookies FF
Buy Tropicana Cookies FF

Tropicana Cookies FF has dark buds for your darkest fantasies. Super fast flowering in only 6 – 7 weeks. It smells strong with many different undertones and has a lot of THC production capacity.

How are they grown?

Growing Fast Buds Fast Flowering seeds is similar to growing any other cannabis strain. These strains are best grown in controlled environments, such as a greenhouse or grow tent. Growers should ensure that the environment is suitable for cultivation, with good airflow, light and humidity. In addition, growers should also ensure that they have adequate nutrients and fertilizers. In general, being shorter flowering varieties, they avoid many of the common problems that can arise in cultivation.

Benefits of Fast Buds seeds

Fast Buds seeds offer numerous benefits for growers, the main one being that their flowering period has been reduced by introducing an auto cross, which makes them flower faster. These varieties produce plants that maintain a high capacity to generate cannaboinoids and flowers of the highest quality. In addition, these strains also produce plants with a high terpene content, which means that cannabis consumers can enjoy an equally or even richer flavor and aroma.

How long do they bloom?

Fast Buds Fast Flowering seeds flower in 6-8 weeks. This means that growers can obtain quality cannabis harvests in a much shorter time than traditional strains. This offers growers the opportunity to obtain large, superior quality harvests in a very short time. Generally, a Fast Flowering seed saves two to three weeks of flowering time.

How to obtain them?

Fast Buds Fast Flowering seeds are available on our website, as well as in our specialized store in Ourense. These seeds are available for all EU countries, and also for some more. Check our online store for more info.

Buy Fast Buds Fast Flowering

Fast Buds Fast Flowering Summary

Fast Buds Fast Flowering is an excellent choice for growers looking to grow cannabis strains with a shorter flowering time. These strains offer high yields, disease and pest resistance, high Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol content, and a richer taste and aroma. These seeds are also easy to obtain, as they are available in our online store, as well as in our specialized store in Ourense.

But not only Fast Buds has fast seeds, there are many other banks producers of the highest quality that offer this type of strains, know them all in the following link.

Tropicanna Poison Fast Version
Fast Version Marijuana Strains

We hope you enjoyed this novelty of Fast Buds Fast Flowering, follow us on social and in our newsletter and continue reading about the best American strains, which some are from this seed bank.

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New line of Fast Buds Fast Flowering seeds
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