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The Wonders of Fast Version Marijuana

Fast Version marijuana seeds are the favourite strains of many collectors, their characteristics make them the most coveted object of desire, especially in those places where marijuana can be grown and bad weather is present.

In today’s content we are going to tell you all about the fast flowering marijuana, also known as Fast Version or other similar meanings, like Early Version, Quick, Fast Flowering, etc. All the seeds that carry this type of tagline at the end of their name is that they are specially developed to be the fastest.

What is Fast Version Marijuana?

The Fast Version marijuana is a type of marijuana that has been created to be much faster than other varieties. This variety was produced so that the growers obtain harvests faster and with almost the same quality and abundance. Fast marijuana grows and develops faster than other types of marijuana, which means that growers get almost the same harvests in a shorter period of time. This variety is also known as fast flowering marijuana.

Origin of quick version Cannabis

The Fast Version marijuana was originated by Sweet Seeds in Valencia. This was the first seed bank to produce specifically fast flowering marijuana. These strains were developed from a cross between an autoflowering strain and a photodependent cannabis strain. This mixture resulted in a marijuana plant with a shorter flowering time and a resin production almost equal to the original. Since then, changes and improvements have been made to these strains to further improve their efficiency.

Advantages of the Fast Version

The Fast Version offers growers the advantage of speed, which in a growing environment can save a lot of trouble. These varieties develop and grow faster than other types of marijuana, which means that outdoor growers can avoid the arrival of bad weather or rain.

While indoor growers can speed up their harvests and optimize the expenditure of resources, such as saving on electricity bills.

These seeds can also allow growers to harvest more marijuana crops in a single season.

How does the Fast Version work?

Fast Version works in a very similar way to other types of photoperiod marijuana. Once Fast Version is planted, growers must water and fertilize it so that it develops and grows properly during the growth phase at 18 hours of light per day or spring outdoors.

This is followed by flowering, where the daily photoperiod is reduced to 12 hours of light or summer for sunlit crops.

Types of Fast Version

There are several types of Fast Version, as many as there are in photoperiodic strains, in fact, many manufacturers bring out all their most famous marijuana in normal version and in Fast Version. It is therefore possible to see the Fast Version Hybrid, the Fast Version Indica and the Fast Version Sativa.

Seed banks with fast marijuana seeds

We show you the most famous manufacturers with ranges of Fast Version seeds in their catalogs. As always, remember that there may be others, but in Experiencia Natural we always bring you only the best.

Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds is a marijuana seed bank founded in Spain in 2005. This company offers different varieties of high quality cannabis seeds, including the Fast Version, being the first to offer this kind of fast strains. Sweet Seeds has strived to maintain its quality and produce first class products.

From Sweet Seeds we highlight the Tropicanna Poison Fast Version, one of the novelties of Sweet Seeds in its already famous “red family”, strains of unique coloration and delicious taste.

Tropicanna Poison Fast Version
Tropicanna Poison Fast Version

Fast Buds

Fast Buds is an American cannabis seed company originated in 2009. This company offers a wide variety of high quality cannabis seeds and prides itself on its state-of-the-art technology. Fast Buds started out with only automatic seeds, but now also offers Fast Flowering, a type of fast seeds of high quality and high yield.

We highlight the Gorilla Cookies FF, a fast flowering feminized marijuana strain created by Fast Buds. It is a non-autoflowering variety, potent and powerful with a very complex aroma and up to 29% of THC.

Gorilla Cookies FF
Gorilla Cookies FF

Humboldt Seeds

Humboldt Seeds is a marijuana seed company founded in California, USA. This company offers a wide range of premium quality cannabis seeds, as well as a Fast Flowering range, a type of fast seeds. Humboldt Seeds strives to offer quality products and first class services.

Runtz Fast Flowering is a marijuana strain produced by Humboldt Seed Organization. Runtz is a cross between two popular strains, Gelato and Zkittles, and is now available in the fast flowering segment.

Runtz FF
Runtz Fast Flowering

Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds is a cannabis seed company that came into existence in Spain in 2007. This company offers a wide variety of first class cannabis seeds, including the Early Version, a range of fast flowering seeds.

We highlight the Marmalate Early Version seeds from Delicious Seeds seedbank. It is a version of the multi-awarded Marmalate, presenting a shorter flowering period.

early marmalate
Marmalate Early Version

High Speed Buds

High Speed Buds is a cannabis seed bank recently launched in Spain. This company strives to maintain superior quality by offering a wide variety of cannabis seeds, including the Fast Version, a type of seeds with fast lines. High Speed Buds prides itself on its state-of-the-art technology to offer the best quality and performance.

Among the fast strains of High Speed Buds stands out the Chocolope Fast, a landmark of cannabis strains, now in its fast flowering version. .

chocolope fast
Chocolope Fast

00 Seeds

00 Seeds is a marijuana strain company founded in Spain in 2011. This company offers a wide variety of premium quality cannabis seeds, including the Fast Version, a type of seeds with fast lines.

Critical Poison Fast Version marijuana seeds from 00 Seeds bank revolutionized the fast version varieties. They have power, production, speed and a very economic price. What more can you ask for?

Critical Poison Fast
Critical Poison Fast Version

Advanced Seeds

Advanced Seeds is a cannabis seed company founded in Spain in 2012. This company offers a wide range of premium cannabis seeds, including Fast Version, a type of seeds with fast lines. Advanced Seeds strives to improve quality and provide first-class products.

The Critical Mass Fast feminized marijuana of Advanced Seeds is the answer of this bank for the Critical lovers who need an even faster version.

Critical Mass fast flowering
Critical Mass Fast

GEA Seeds

GEA Seeds is an affordable cannabis seeds company founded in Spain in 2013. GEA Seeds develops many different types of high quality cannabis seeds, including Fast, a type of fast strains.

The Fast Kush cannabis strain from GEA Seeds brings the best of the Indica strains from the Kush Mountains, together with the speed of the FAST strains, at the best price.

fast kush
Fast Kush

What are the differences between Fast Version Seeds and autoflowering seeds?

The autoflowering seeds originate from the Ruderalis cannabis variety, which in its beginnings were developed in areas where there is very little sunlight. These plants developed the ability to change the flowering phase without the need to change the hours of light. Whereas the Fast Version seeds are photodependent, that is to say, they need to lower the hours of light to start flowering.

What is the difference between Fast Version Seeds and photodependent seeds?

Photodependent seeds are those that are sensitive to the photoperiod, that is, to the hours of light they receive in the crop. These seeds grow uninterruptedly until the number of hours of light is lowered to 12 hours of light for 12 hours of darkness per day, which initiates the flowering cycle. The Fast Version seeds are also photodependent and the only difference is that they are faster versions that need less weeks to finish flowering.

How long does a Fast version take to flower?

The time it takes for a Fast Version to flower is determined by the crossbreeding that has been done, that is to say, the plants from which the strain has been created. Generally, Fast Version marijuana plants flower in a period of 5 to 7 weeks.

What is a fast seed?

A Fast seed is a fast flowering seed, Fast is a diminutive of Fast Version and means fast flowering seed.

When are the Fast versions cut?

The Fast Version are usually cut 1 or 2 weeks earlier than their normal versions. This results in a flowering time of 5-7 weeks, depending on the cross chosen.

The Fast Version marijuana is a type of cannabis seeds designed for those who want a quality product and a fast growth. These seeds are ideal for those who want to get a quick harvest without losing almost yield and quality. We hope you liked this content about fast flowering marijuana, follow us on social and in our newsletter and continue reading with the monograph that we dedicate to the first fast and photodependent strains of Fast Buds.

Fast Buds Fast Flowering
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