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The Best Sativa Strains of 2020

If you have come this far, you are probably interested in finding what is the best Sativa strain of 2020. You’ve come to the right place, because in today’s article we are going to offer you a list of our favourite Sativa cannabis varieties, one of the most demanded by our customers.

Sativas are known for its stimulating psychoactive effects and providing larger doses of energy than its Indica sisters. This type of marijuana stands out for its height, long internodal distances and elongated buds. If you want to know all the best Sativa marijuana strains of 2020 continue reading.

The Best Sativa Strains of 2020: The top 7

Talking about Sativa marijuana means talking about marijuana that tends to require more care. Mainly because it is often advisable to control its height and long flowering period.

However, in terms of effects, many people prefer Sativa strains that they can consume on a daily basis without feeling sedated. Without further ado, here we go to the list of the best Sativa marijuana of 2020.

Nuttea Haze

The first example of the best Sativa marijuana of 2020 is precisely a genotype with a high Sativa dominance, up to 75% Sativa genetics. This is the Nuttea Haze, one of the most interesting novelties of the French Touch seed bank, due to its aroma, power and yield.

Behind this genetics are interesting strains such as Amnesia Haze, Core Cut and Champ’Haze. Thanks to this triple cross, we find the Nuttea Haze, a novelty for this 2020 year with citrus flavour, vigorous growth and stimulating and long-lasting effect.

As a good Sativa, Nuttea Haze is quite tall. Thus, it is a strain to which it is advisable to apply a SCRoG to control the height. Pruning will be our best ally to control the height of this strain.


Its production is very high for a Sativa marijuana specimen, as it can easily produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors, a great figure for a plant with the characteristics of Nuttea Haze. Moreover, outdoors, if all goes well, it can produce up to a kilo per plant.

One of the reasons why Nuttea Haze is on the list of the best Sativa marijuana of 2020 is because of its flowering time, very short for this genotype, as in 10 weeks it can complete this period indoors, while outdoors it can be harvested just 4 weeks after the summer.

Its effects are very potent and long-lasting, pure energy thanks to 22% THC. In addition, its taste is special thanks to the mix of citrus flavours with the typical flavours of Haze, reminiscent of incense and metal.

Dedoverde Haze

We continue with the list of the best Sativa marijuana of 2020 with Dedoverde Haze, a fast, powerful and productive strain. This is one of the novelties that we have received directly from Humboldt County, thanks to the Humboldt Seeds seed bank, which is behind this creation.

Behind this genetics are Amnesia and California Haze, strains known for their cerebral potency and vigorous growth. The result of crossing them is a psychedelic and highly productive strain for its short flowering time.

Thus, this is a strain that will finish the flowering stage of the Cannabis life cycle in just 70 days for indoor crops. Outdoors, Dedoverde Haze can be harvested just 3 weeks after the end of summer, making it close to some short flowering Indica strains.


What’s really impressive, and why she made the list of the best Sativa marijuana of 2020, is her production capacity. Thus, despite being 80% Sativa, this strain can produce up to 500 grams per square metre indoors, while it will produce up to a kilo of marijuana per plant outdoors.

Its effects are described by Humboldt Seeds as very stimulating, pleasant and perfect for socialising or creative activities. In addition, its flavour is appreciated for its hints of incense, citrus and spices. In short, a unique aromatic experience.

Lemon King

Eva Seeds is a spanish seed bank that offers one of the best Sativa marijuana strains from 2020 with the best quality-price ratio. This is the case of their Lemon King, a novelty this 2020 year that brings together the best we can look for in a Sativa: short flowering and stimulating effects.

Every good strain has wonderful genetics behind it. This is also true for Lemon King, which is the result of crossing such top strains as Space Bomb and Critical Swiss. Thanks to this we not only have one of the best Sativa marijuana strains of 2020, but also one of the most balanced.


First of all, it is a very eye-catching plant, deeply pleasing to the eye and with purple attractive colouring. Add to this an extra layer of resin and you have the Lemon King. Such is its resin production, that the buds seem to be frosted.

Its potency is overwhelming. In this way, it can produces up to 23% THC, with energising and social effects. In addition, its production has nothing to envy to the super-producing Indica strains. It boasts yields of up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 1500 grams per plant outdoors.

As you can imagine, this is a tall plant, which can reach up to 3 meters outdoors and has a flowering time of only 53 days indoors, while outdoors you can harvest in the last week of summer. Undoubtedly, one of the fastest, most powerful and productive Sativas.

Finally, its flavour is very particular, with citric and incensed aromas on all 4 sides.

Cannalope Haze

We continue our list of the best Sativa marijuana of 2020 with DNA Genetics‘ Cannalope Haze, a strain that has a fairly short flowering period, allowing it to compete with fast-flowering Indica strains, all with pure-bred Sativa genetics.

So much so, that it has 95% sativa genetics. As many of you will know, one of the places in the world where we find the best Landrace Sativa strains is Mexico and this is precisely the origin of Cannalope Haze. Specifically, it is original Haze strains from Michoacán those what are responsible for Cannalope Haze.

As you can imagine, this strain has full sativa characteristics, such as vigorous and explosive growth, long internodal distance and great height. Therefore, controlling the height of this plant is something very advisable.


The flowering period is very short foo being a Sativa plant. Thus, it completes flowering indoors in just 8 weeks, while 2 weeks after the end of summer it is ready to harvest the fruits. Cannalope Haze also has a high resistance to fungi and pests, which makes it a great strain for beginners.

This short flowering Sativa can produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and 700 grams per plant outdoors. It is a potent strain, with cerebral and energetic psychoactivity.

The aroma is another reason why this strain is among the best Sativa marijuana of 2020. It is described as reminiscent of fruity nuances, with hints of melon and citrus. Overall, an impeccable organoleptic experience.


Pyramid Seeds is a seed bank characterized by offering the best Sativa marijuana of 2020 at the best price and always respecting the best quality standars. In this case we bring you the Kryptonite, an ideal strain for humid climates.

It is a Cannabis strain that comes from the cross of the best strains of this popular seed bank. The breeding of this variety has been produced in the mountains of southern Spain, one of the most appropriate places to get strains of the highest quality for less warm climates.


It has a fairly fast flowering time, making it an appropriate strain for humid or mountainous climates. Thus, this strain can be harvested around one week before the end of the summer.

Yields are equally excellent, as in such a short flowering time, Kryptonite is capable of producing up to half a kilo of buds indoors and more than a kilo when grown outdoors.

In addition, its potency is quite considerable, with 17% THC in its composition. In short, Kryptonite is a strain suitable for growing in extreme climates and obtaining good yields of energetic marijuana.

Orange Juice

We continue our list of the best Sativa marijuana in 2020 with a much-anticipated strain from Dinafem, one of the leading seed banks. We are talking about Orange Juice, a strain with a citrus flavour and all the Sativa characteristics we can look for a seed of this type.

The breeding work that has been done to get this plant is noticeable. Thus, it is thanks to the cross of the best Orange strains that Orange Juice has been obtained, a 70% Sativa hybrid variety, one of the most desired genetics of the 2020 year.

It is a typically Sativa plant with vigorous growth and elongated buds. Finally, the plant will have a good size especially in height, showing more vertical than horizontal growth. The colouring of this plant stands out for the proliferation of orange pistils that give it a very attractive appearance.


The psychoactive effects of Orange Juice are quite potent, with a clear energetic component that makes it possible to consume this strain almost at any time of the day.

Flowering is short, as in just 63 days indoors and will be ready to harvest. Outdoors, on the other hand, we will have to wait until the last week of summer to harvest, one of the fastest Sativa strains.

Its aroma, finally, is characteristic and has very refreshing aromas in which citrus notes dominate and, how could it be otherwise, with orange flavour.


To finish with the best Sativa marijuana of 2020 we go with a super limited specimen that, although it has not been presented in 2020, deserves a place on the list for its unique characteristics. We are talking about the Michka strain from Sensi Seeds, a pure Sativa which prevails among the years.

Michka comes as a tribute to one of the most popular Cannabis ladies, Mishka Seeliger-Chatelain. As you would expect, Mishka is a very Sativa-dominant marijuana strain with the defining traits of this type of plant, such as a great high and happy, euphoric effects.

Michka is a limited edition that you’d better make sure you buy before it runs out, as it’s possible that once the seeds are sold out, you won’t see them on the market again. To create this genetics, Sensi Seeds looked to one of the most famous Cannabis activist’s favourite strains of all time: Silver Pearl.


This is a strain with good vigorous growth and a SCRoG will do just fine. Best of all, its effects are potent and uplifting like no other strain. Finally, its flavour is appreciated for both its intensity and its exquisite citrus notes.

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The Best Sativa Strains of 2020
The Best Sativa Strains of 2020 We present you the list of the best sativa marijuana of 2020: marijuana with energetic effects and high yields for the best harvests.
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