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The Orange Bud Marijuana strain is a uniform and potent plant, very easy to grow and a truly high yielder. With all Dutch Passion's top quality.


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Orange Bud Feminized Seeds

Orange Bud is a strain that comes from a 100% Skunk selection. This is one of the most popular and appreciated strains from the Dutch Passion Seeds catalogue. Since it was selected from amazing Skunk genetics in the early 80's, it is a very uniform and potent strain able to thrive in any kind of medium as well as in being a indoors or in outdoors. Even the beginner growers will see how easy and pleasant this strain is to grow. Orange Bud yields high levels of dense and compact buds covered with crystals and beautiful orange hairs.

After being awarded in the 80s and 90s, Orange Bud is definitely a classic skunk that any connoisseur should try. When grown in green sea, Orange Bud shows all its potency and yield capability. Its effect is uplifting and cerebral, ideal for stoners who have active lifestyles. It has a unique sweet taste with citrus tones.

When it comes to stability, potency, and ease of cultivation, Orange Bud is a top-tier choice. This strain offers a unique blend of sweet and citrusy flavors that will make your taste buds dance. It's a classic Skunk variety that performs exceptionally well in both indoor and outdoor settings. Plus, it's versatile enough to adapt to various cultivation techniques and mediums.

  • Highly adaptable to different cultivation methods
  • Unique sweet and citrusy flavor profile
  • Classic Skunk lineage ensures robust growth
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation

Unmatched Quality in Aroma, Flavour, and Effects

Orange Bud sets the gold standard for aroma, flavour, and effects. While a small percentage of plants may develop male flowers, especially under stress, vigilant monitoring during the flowering stage can prevent any issues. This strain is all about quality, so you can expect top-notch results when you add these feminized seeds to your collection.

Award-Winning Orange Bud for Connoisseurs

Orange Bud isn't just an award-winning cannabis strain; it's a classic Skunk that every Skunk aficionado should experience. These cannabis seeds have been rigorously tested by thousands of growers over several decades and continue to be one of Dutch Passion's best-selling strains. When you choose Orange Bud, you're opting for high-quality results in your home cultivation.

Sweet Buds with a Citrus Twist

Discovered in the early 1980s, Orange Bud was part of an extensive selection of Skunks. The goal was to create one of the fruitiest strains without compromising on yield or quality. This strain quickly became a favorite in Dutch coffeeshops, thanks to its potent smoke and fantastic citrusy Skunk flavor.

  • Discovered in the early '80s as part of an extensive Skunk selection
  • Quickly gained popularity in Dutch coffeeshops
  • Known for its potent smoke and citrusy Skunk flavor
  • Doesn't compromise on yield or quality

Orange Bud: A Resin-Coated Delight

Orange Bud is a powerhouse when it comes to premium bud production. Even novice growers will find these seeds easy and enjoyable to cultivate. The strain produces generous levels of dense, hard buds covered in crystals and beautiful orange hairs. It's a resin-coated delight that promises quality in every aspect.

Easy to Grow with Exceptional Flavor

Orange Bud is a unique Skunk selection that grows vigorously, with strong stems and a consistent growth pattern. It's quite tolerant and handles nutrients well. This tried-and-true cannabis seed variety is easy enough for beginners to grow, making it a top pick at Experiencia Natural.

Flowering Period and Sativa-Dominant Structure

Being a Sativa-dominant strain, Orange Bud almost doubles in size during its flowering stage. It's easy to manage and remains a customer favorite for its ease of cultivation and bud quality. The strain adapts well to various growing conditions, making it a versatile choice for home growers.

Orange Bud: A Customer Favorite for Decades

Orange Bud has remained a customer favorite for over 30 years, and for good reason. These high-quality cannabis seeds are easy to grow, stable, potent, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The strain offers a delightful sweet, fruity, and citrusy aroma with a pleasant and very uplifting high that seems to melt away stress and anxiety.

Orange Bud's Penetrating and Citrus-Dominant Terpene Profile

One of the main reasons growers keep coming back to Orange Bud is its unique, sweet, and citrusy terpene profile. The rich essence is inviting and eye-catching, making you want to squeeze those oily buds and revel in that penetrating and gloriously pleasant aroma.

Effects of Orange Bud

Known for its active and social cerebral high, Orange Bud provides a pleasant uplift that is both cheerful and revitalizing. It's a potent strain, with THC levels ranging from 15-20%, making it suitable for those leading an active lifestyle. It helps you power through the day or night with a citrusy terpene profile that leaves a smile on your face.

Features of Orange Bud Marijuana:



Genotype: Hybrid

Genetics: Skunk

THC: 16.5% CBD: Undeclared

Flowering: From 7 to 8 weeks (indoor)

Outdoor flowering: October (northern hemisphere)

Height: Undeclared

Production: High