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Master Kush Marijuana is a F1 cross between two distinct Hindu-Kush genetics. It is a truly high yielder having a great flavor an giving a powerful efect. Moreover, it can be easily cloned rendering a reliable weed of top quality.


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Master Kush Feminized Seeds

This wonderful plant, Master Kush was taken from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. In fact, it is a compact and gratful strain able to thrive in any kind of medium, either in soil, hydro, coconut, etc. Master Kush offers a very potent smoke, soft and sweet incorporating earthy and citric flavours. The effect is physical, relaxing and narcotic, stimulating appetite while producing a peaceful state of mind. For some growers, it is important to state that during the flowering period, the smell released is weaker than usual.

Its buds are large, round and dense, and become quickly covered with a thick layer of resin glands. Besides that,. this specimen is mite resistant but keep in mind that it can be susceptible to mold in humid conditions due to the thickness and density of the bud growth.

Master Kush is able to thrive in any kind of medium.Moreover, it can be easily cloned rendering a reliable weed of top quality. As one of our favorites, we recomend it by being so special.

This is te perfect strain for those who are on the hunt for a collectible seed that's both easy to appreciate and comes with a rich history, look no further than Master Kush. Originating as an Afghan Kush variety, this gem is versatile enough to be admired in any medium. It's a go-to for both novices and connoisseurs who appreciate the art of seed collecting. With Master Kush, you're not just getting a seed; you're getting a piece of botanical history.

  • Perfect for all levels of seed enthusiasts.
  • Adaptable to various mediums.
  • Highly regarded in the seed collecting community.
  • Offers a unique blend of history and versatility.

Master Kush: A Multi-Award Winner

When it comes to accolades, Master Kush doesn't shy away. This original cannabis Kush variety from Dutch Passion has not only clinched the 1st prize in the Kush category at the 2017 Highlife Cup but also stole the show by being crowned the "absolute winner." It's a seed that has been recognized for its exceptional qualities, making it a prized possession for any collector.

  • Winner of multiple prestigious awards.
  • Recognized for its exceptional characteristics.
  • A must-have for serious collectors.
  • Exemplifies the pinnacle of seed quality.

Master Kush: A Blend of Aromas and Flavors

Imagine a seed that offers a complex yet harmonious blend of aromas and flavors. That's Master Kush for you. Its scent profile is a delightful mix of earthy and citrus notes, making it a fascinating subject for those interested in terpene profiles. And let's not forget its flavor—a captivating blend of sweet, spicy, and earthy tones. It's like a gourmet meal for your senses, a true Experiencia Natural.

Features of Master Kush Marijuana



Genotype: indica

Genetics: Unreported

THC: Not stated CBD: Undeclared

Flowering: From 8 to 9 weeks (indoor)

Outdoor flowering: early October (northern hemisphere)

Height: Undeclared

Yield: High