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Skunk #11 is a polyhibrid that was stabilized decades ago being the current standard for breadings. In fact, this strain will never let you down.


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Feminized Skunk #11 Marijuana Seeds

Skunk #11 is a Cannabis legend and the winner of various harvest contests as well as the High Times Marijuana Cup.

This is the only strain that has sold over a million seeds. It is a very popular strain over the years thanks to its wonderful effect and performance.

In fact, several costumers have purchased Skunk #11 for years being fully satisfied with its wonderful high and performance to the point of not wanting to try other strains. This amazing uniform specimen is the result of years of breeding by our best Skunk geneticist. It has an outstanding growth, production and potency. Besides being resistant to mildew and other diseases, Skunk #11 gives a pleasant high being suitable to combat anxiety since it fully relaxes the body and the mind. This pleasant feeling is quiet, erotic and energetic to let you functional during the day. In this way, it gives a moderate high, many times preferred to the incapacitating "total buzz".

Skunk #11 develops well in any type of growing system. It is a tough plant able to produce many resinous buds harboring a spicy old school Shiva aroma and a marked Indica cheese flavor. Our Skunk expert recommends collecting it after 7 weeks. Even if the buds can be still green at this time, Skunk #11 will be at its best. Your guarantee of satisfaction are more than a million seeds sold worldwide. Discover this strain of top quality by your own as it offers a surprisingly affordable price for such a performant plant.

Features of Skunk #11 Marijuana:



Genotype: Híbrida/Sativa

Genetics: Unreported

THC: Not stated CBD: Not stated

Flowering: From 9 to 11 weeks (indoor)

Outdoor flowering: October (northern hemisphere)

Height: Undeclared

Yield: High