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ATAMI, the Dutch fertilizers brand

Today we will review the defining features and catalogue of Atami Fertilizers, one of the most reputable companies in the indoor and outdoor growing community. Their fame comes in part due to their well-functioning product catalogue and the competitive prices they offer to consumers. In this article we will explore Atami’s range of products and tell you why they are among some of our favorites. We will also give you specific information about growing tables, as well as some key tips to help you efficiently start growing Atami nutrients.

atami fertilizers

Atami: Fertilizers for indoor and outdoor

Atami was founded in the Netherlands in 1997. The company’s aim from the beginning was to offer specialized products for indoor and outdoor cultivation based on research and the incorporation of new techniques. As a result, Atami has become one of the undisputed leaders in the indoor and outdoor nutrition industry.

During its early days, the company specialized in producing substrates designed for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Over the years, seeing the commercial success of its range of substrates, Atami expanded its catalogue and began offering fertilizers and growth boosters.

Finding good quality and affordable substrates and fertilizers that complement each other well is not an easy feat to achieve. However, Atami’s range of substrates and fertilizers is designed to satisfy even the most demanding and veteran growers, while at the same time being easy to use for the most novice growers.

Characteristics of Atami products

Atami is known for being a versatile brand that manufactures products for all types of indoor and outdoor cultivation. Therefore, they are able to satisfy all types of growers. Whether you grow in soil or hydroponics, you will find an Atami product for you.

Another feature of the Atami brand is that they have multiple formats for their products. This is very convenient because you can buy the right amount for the type of crop you want to grow. Therefore, for small crops, the smallest size container will suffice, and we can benefit from a better price for larger containers for larger crops.

With Atami, you can find a broad range of products for each type of crop. In their catalogue you will find 100% natural additives for your organic garden, flowering boosters for explosive blooms, great mineral additives to provide all the food your plants need, as well as products rich in sugars to help improve resin production and flavor. In short, they offer everything your plants need to give you the best possible harvest. This manufacturer’s products are world-renowned for their good performance and transparent prices, something often difficult to find nowadays. Read on if you want to discover more about this company’s best products.

The Atami range of fertilizers

Below we list a selection of Atami nutrients which we find the best for indoor and outdoor cultivation. To find the entire catalogue of products, we invite you to visit the following link to our shop, where we stock the full range of Atami products.

Ata Organics

Ata Organics is the product range designed for organic growers, people who grow indoor and outdoor without using any chemical additives from a laboratory. That is, they only use crop supplements from natural sources.
First up is Root C, which is a root stimulator that will help to keep your plants’ root systems healthy. By using this product when transplanting seedlings, the seeds’ roots will gain an extra layer of protection, helping them to grow safely and healthily.

ATA organics

We continue our review of Atami’s range of organic products with Ata Bloom C, a liquid organic fertilizer that increases yields thanks to its formula based on seaweed extracts and marine materials which, as we have seen in this article, can be very beneficial for plants.

For those of you who are looking for plants with an exquisite and 100% natural flavor, Atami has a specialized product for you – Ata Flavor C. With a 100% natural, molasses-based formula, this product helps to improve the organoleptic properties of the crop, providing a real vitamin boost for your plants.

To finish the overview of Atami’s organic range, we now move on to Ata Growth C, a totally natural fertilizer ideal for your plants’ growth process. With this product you will ensure a powerful vegetative growth, which you can also complement with other products from the Ata Organics range.

In the Ata Organics growing chart you will see that Rootbastic needs to be used during the first 8 weeks of cultivation, applying 1 – 5 ml per liter of water depending on the exact product. Ata Bloom C needs a dosage of 3 – 5 ml from the ninth week until the end of the flowering stage.
Flavor C, on the other hand, requires a dose of 1 ml per liter of water and has to be used during the last weeks of flowering. Finally, Ata Grow C requires a dose of 1 ml per liter and needs to be applied during the first 8 weeks of growth, during the whole vegetative growth stage.

Atami Bloombastic

Atami Bloombastic is the best flowering booster around. This product is intended for use with plants in bloom, consisting of a great formula based on bio-minerals and bio-stimulators that help to encourage incredibly large harvests.

This product provides everything your plant needs for flowering, most notably phosphorus and potassium, some the most important nutrients at this stage in the plants’ life cycle. In fact, Atami Bloombastic contains twice as much phosphorus and potassium as most other fertilizers on the market.
Atami Bloombastic is very easy to use. It has to be spread throughout weeks 4 to 6 of the flowering and late flowering phases. The result is an explosive bloom, an optimization of chlorophyll values in the plant, huge resin production, and finally, a great weight that will affect the volume of the final harvest.

Atami Soil Booster

The Atami Soil Booster is the best substrate booster you can currently find on the market. This is a product whose formula contains bacteria beneficial for plants, which will colonize the roots of plants and will help to improve nutrient uptake and overall health, resulting in bigger and better quality yields.

Keeping the roots healthy is essential to provide the stability your crop needs. The better the plants absorb nutrients, the more sugars they can produce, the greater the resin production and the larger the buds. This Atami product also has essential micronutrients for the crop that will stop small nutrient deficiencies that may pose a risk.

To apply it, as we see in the table below, you will have to wait until weeks 3 and 4 of the growth cycle. You will have to dilute 1 – 5 ml of Soil Booster per liter of irrigation water or nutrient solution. During weeks 5 and 6, you can maintain this same dosage to produce spectacular crop.

Root Stimulator

Within the Atami B’Cuzz range we find the powerful Atami Root Stimulator, one of the most effective and easy to use root system stimulators on the market. This product is designed to stimulate the development of beneficial bacterial life in the roots, making them grow healthier and more powerful.
The great thing about this product is that it can be used with any method of growth, regardless of whether you are using soil substrate or have opted for hydroponic growing. This versatile product adapts to any situation and has a very effective biomineral composition to correct the stress produced by a transplant.

The Atami Root Stimulator is very easy to use. Just dilute 0.5 – 1 ml of Root Stimulator per liter of irrigation water or nutrient solution. Then, you should apply it throughout your plants’ vegetative growth phase and during the first week of the flowering stage.

atami bcuzz bloombastic

Below, you can find a cultivation chart with instructions for the last 3 Atami products we have covered. As you will see, these products are very easy to use, with clear and concise solutions, and work exceptionally well as long as you closely follow the instructions.

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ATAMI, the Dutch fertilizers brand
ATAMI, the Dutch fertilizers brand Learn everything about the Atami fertilizers, one of the best brands of indoor and outdoor nutrients. Buy cheap Atami fertilizers.
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