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ATA Organics Growth C is the best Atami vegetative growth fertilizer for marijuana. It provides nutrients and improves the plant's stems and branches.

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Growth Fertilizer ATA Organics Growth C

ATA Organics Growth C is a 100% organic fertilizer from the Atami ATA Organics brand of marijuana growing products. It is a product that will provide everything your marijuana plants need to go through a healthy growth stage.

When growing marijuana is critical to ensure a healthy growth phase, to develop properly the plant's structure and settle a base. This way the cannabis plants can have a strong flowering phase in which it produces many high quality buds.

Organics Growth C is a 100% organic product, also it contains 0 chemical additives, making it a environmentally friendly product. Its formula contains large amounts of nitrogen, an essential macronutrient for marijuana growing, that will make the plant receive all the food it needs just when it needs it.

This product is focused in enhancing the growth of stems and branches, which are essential to then be able to support the heavy buds near harvesting. To get the best results, it is recommended to use this product with the other ATA Organics products from Atami.

Thus, its best complement is the ATA Organics Bloom C. This flowering enhancer is the right product to apply to our plants when the flowering stage arrives. Moreover, it is also a clean product that is totally compatible with organic agriculture. With this we will obtain better taste and better organoleptic properties buds.

Use of ATA Organics Growth C

Using ATA Organics Growth C is very simple. What is certain is that the use of this product is not recommended in drip irrigation systems. By having a totally organic formula, the irrigation ducts could become clogged with the sediment over time.

It is advisable to use 1 to 3 ml of product for each litre of irrigation water. To apply it simply add it to the irrigation during the whole vegetative growth phase.

Composition of Growth C

2.42% Nitrogen.

3.02% Phosphorus oxide.

5.65% Potassium oxide.

0.39% Sodium oxide.

0.28% Calcium oxide.

2,02% Magnesium oxide.

0,74% Sulphur oxide.

0,035% Iron.

0,030% Manganese.

0,057% Zinc.

0,016% Boron.

0,002% Copper.

0,002% Molybdenum.


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