ATA PK 13/14

ATA PK 13/14

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ATA PK 13 14 is a flowering booster by Atami that will bring spectacular buds to marijuana plants. With its use you will get more, bigger and better aroma buds.

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Flowering booster ATA PK 13 14

ATA PK 13-14 is a flowering booster for growing marijuana. It is a product rich in phosphorus and potassium, two of the most necessary nutrients to enhance the Cannabis flowering stage. ATA PK 13-14 is produced by Atami, one of the most reputable Cannabis fertilizer brands.

Thanks to its rich in essential macronutrients, such as phosphorus and potassium, formula ATA PK 13-14 produces larger, thicker and more aromatic buds.

It is excellent flowering enhancer to be used as a complement to the base nutrients. In this way, using ATA PK 13-14 you can forget about the deficiencies of phosphorus and potassium in your plants, one of the problems that marijuana growers has to face at the flowering stage.

Phosphorus is a nutrient widely needed for bud blooming, furthermore it improves the energy transport through the plant. On the other hand, the importance of potassium lies in the fact that it improves the plant's ability to obtain water from the soil, and later assimilate it through the process of osmosis, which is essential for marijuana plants to produce all the sugars and starches it needs.

In addition, ATA PK 13-14 is fully compatible with other products in Atami's ATA line. We recommend to combine it with the Soil Booster, Growth C and Bloom C to get health coverage for all stages of the marijuana life cycle.

Using ATA PK 13 14

The right time to time to apply ATA PK 13-14 is at the beginning of the flowering phase. At this time, your plants will need more potassium and phosphorus and you will be covered thanks to this ATA flowering booster.

Best moment to add the product in irrigation is when the buds show up in the plant, as this is when they start to need the extra phosphorus and potassium.

During the beginning of the treatment with ATA PK 13-14 we will have to dilute 0,25 ml of product for every liter of irrigation water. This is the lowest dose you have to apply, then every week we will increase the dilution as showed in the ATA PK 13 14 instructions to use. Last weeks at the end of flowering phase we will add 1 ml to each litre of irrigation water.

To get rid of fertilizer residues we will have to stop using this product and all other fertilizers during the last 2 weeks of the plant life.

ATA PK 13/14

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