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The Atami Upgrade is an organic fertilizer presented in solid form, is valid for all phases of growth and flowering of the Cannabis plant. Being a slow release fertilizer, it allows to keep the plant fed for up to 100 days.

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Atami Upgrade fertilizer for marijuana growing

Atami Upgrade is a slow-release fertilizer that is valid for all phases of marijuana plant growth and flowering, allowing the plant to feed without having to add anything but the desired enhancers.

The Atami Upgrade fertilizer contains all necessary nutrients for the proper development of the marijuana plant and can be applied mixed in the substrate or spread near the stem of the plant, if it is already in the soil or in the final pot.

In addition to the nutrients, Atami Upgrade also contains Bacillus-type bacteria, which colonize the root and release the phosphorus trapped in the soil, making it available to plants. In this way, the flowering is more intense.

Atami Upgrade, after application, can feed plants up to 100 days without having to fertilize again. It is presented in 600 grams containers that allow to fertilize up to 200 liters of substrate.

Atami upgrade Features:

Applications: Can be applied mixed in the subtract or spread on the ground

Cultivation advices: Ideal for guerrilla crops and for growers who do not have much time to control the diet of their plants. For very long flowering plants an extra supply of phosphorus and potassium may be necessary.

Dosage: Between 3 and 6 grams per liter of substrate.

NPK: 6-3-4

Guaranteed quality: Atami stimulants and liquid foods are sealed under the screw cap and protected from light by an opaque container, so their quality remains guaranteed.


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